Propane continues to make inroads across the country—including here in the Delaware Valley–by powering motor vehicles with efficient, clean-burning autogas.

Propane autogas is the world’s most popular alternative fuel, defined as any product that bypasses the two big traditional petroleum fuels: gasoline and diesel

Who uses autogas?

According to the Alternative Fuels Data Center, about 60% of alternative-fuel vehicles in the U.S. run on propane. It is the third most popular vehicle fuel, next to gasoline and diesel.

Across the globe, there are now an estimated 27 million vehicles in the world that rely on propane autogas. These include:

There are also thousands of propane autogas fueling stations in the U.S., with stations in every state, according to Roush CleanTech.

Autogas benefits: 4 reasons to make the switch

Here are four key areas where propane-fueled vehicles have a distinct edge over those that rely on diesel or gasoline. Autogas vehicles are also less costly and more practical than electric vehicles.

1. Savings & Stability.

Propane historically costs 30% less per gallon than gasoline and diesel. Even when you factor in the initial cost to convert your vehicles or add new ones, your long-term savings on both fuel and maintenance will improve your bottom line dramatically.

Don’t plan your budget without us.

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Alliance AutoGas

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Even when conventional gasoline prices are low, a vehicle’s additional costs—such as fluids, filters and repairs—can be a strain on your budget. Over a vehicle’s lifetime, autogas is better for every line on the budget sheet because it is a clean-burning alternative fuel that doesn’t require the same expensive repairs and replacement parts compared to other fuel vehicles.

Annual Maintenance Costs | Wilson Oil & Propane

Alternative Fuel Tax Credit

Propane autogas fleet operators can also save money by taking advantage of the Alternative Fuel Tax Credit, which was recently passed by the U.S. Congress as part of the Inflation Reduction Act. You may qualify to claim a credit for every gasoline gallon equivalent of propane autogas purchased.

The credit is available through December 31, 2024, and extends back to January 1, 2022. The National Propane Gas Association (NPGA) estimates that this credit will be a $200 million boon to the propane industry annually.

2. Environmentally friendly.

Autogas-powered vehicles produce lower emissions than gasoline and diesel vehicles, including significantly less carbon monoxide, (CO), nitrogen oxides (NO2) and carbon dioxide (CO2).

Autogas Emissions | Wilson Oil & Propane

3. Autogas safety

Puncture Resistant | Autogas | Wilson Oil & Propane

Autogas is a safe, proven and reliable fuel. Fleets across the U.S. are fueled by autogas, partly because autogas is intrinsically safer than many other fuels.

Unlike gasoline, diesel, methanol and ethanol, autogas is nontoxic, nonpoisonous and soluble in water. Should a rare accidental release of autogas occur, it would dissipate into the atmosphere with no harmful contaminants released into the air, soil or water.

Autogas safety points

1. Autogas has a lower flammability range than conventional gasoline, decreasing the probability of accidental combustion.

2. Each onsite autogas fueling station has a lock-off valve that automatically shuts off the flow of propane autogas at the tank if any pressure drop is detected anywhere throughout the system.

3. Autogas tanks are 20 times as puncture resistant as gasoline tanks and can withstand four times the pressure.

4. The lower pressure required for storage makes autogas safer to maintain than compressed natural gas (CNG).

5. Autogas vehicles tanks are constructed from carbon steel under code developed by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

6. Properly installed autogas vehicle fuel tanks can actually add to the structural integrity of a vehicle.

4. Autogas: American made

Since 99% of our nation’s propane autogas is produced in North America, using this American-made fuel means reducing our dependence on foreign oil. You will also supporting our domestic economy and helping to create American jobs.

With more than 2,500 autogas fueling stations already in place throughout the country, autogas represents a viable and readily available fuel.

It’s an abundant fuel, too, with upward of 68% of U.S. autogas manufactured as a by-product of natural gas refining.

Propane autogas from Wilson Oil & Propane in PA

Pumping Autogas | Autogas | Wilson Oil & PropaneAt Wilson Oil & Propane, we believe so strongly in propane autogas that we run the majority of our vehicle fleet on it. By relying on propane autogas, we have already displaced tens of thousands of gallons of gasoline and diesel fuel. We can help you do the same!

Make us your propane autogas partner, and we’ll help you save time and improve your bottom line even further. We’ll set you up with a secure storage container and put you on a delivery schedule to suit your needs. Instead of your employees losing time stopping at a fueling station every day to fill up with gasoline, we’ll deliver to your business so you can get to your customers faster.

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