Reliable propane delivery in southeastern Pennsylvania and beyond

Wilson Oil & Propane is your trusted resource for prompt, safe and reliable propane delivery service throughout the Delaware Valley. Whether you need residential or commercial propane, Wilson Oil and Propane has got you covered.

Propane delaware county, pa

We deliver propane to homes and businesses in southeastern Pennsylvania, including Montgomery County and Chester County, and to customers in northern Delaware and South Jersey. Check out our service area.

Never run out of fuel with us

We also deliver convenience and confidence. Our automatic delivery service, combined with our Gremlin tank monitor, eliminates the need for you to keep track of your tank levels and removes the worry of ever running out of fuel.

Easy payments and service coverage

As a full-service propane company, we offer programs designed to take away your worries and save you money. These include:

  • Propane/natural gas service plans. These plans help to keep your gas furnace or gas boiler functioning at its peak efficiency for the longest possible time. A service plan can offset repair costs and guarantees you priority heating emergency service. Find out more.
  • EZ Pay monthly payment program. It’s always easier to spread your fuel costs out throughout the year, rather than come up with payments during the peak of winter. There is no cost to enroll. Read more.

Propane for your home

Propane is safe, efficient and clean-burning, and most of it is produced right here in the United States. Use propane:


  • to heat your home
  • to heat water
  • to dry clothes
  • for cooking
  • to put a glow in your fireplace
  • for outdoor living

Read more about propane for your home.

Propane autogas for your business

Partner with Wilson and you will save time and improve your bottom line. We can set you up with a propane autogas dispensing station on your property, or schedule regular on-site fueling by our delivery trucks.

Fleet managers are among those discovering the autogas advantage, for airport shuttles, school buses and hundreds of other light- and medium-duty fleet applications. Read more.

Propane is also making inroads in commercial landscaping. Choosing propane over gasoline can reduce greenhouse-gas and smog-forming emissions by 50%. Read more.

Propane for Builders

Wilson Oil and Propane leads the way in underground and aboveground tank installations for construction projects, big and small. Our services include:

  • temporary heat tanks and fueling
  • installation of residential and commercial tanks
  • proper sizing of residential and commercial interior and exterior systems
  • hands-on follow-up with homeowners

See how home builders are using propane.

If you’re looking for a full-service family-owned propane company you can count on, contact Wilson Oil & Propane. Become a customer and then request a delivery any time online.

If you want to learn more about propane safety, please go here.