Reliable propane delivery & service in southeastern PA and beyond

Let Wilson Oil & Propane be your trusted resource for prompt, safe and reliable propane delivery service throughout the Delaware Valley. Whether you need residential or commercial propane, we’re The People You Can Trust.

We deliver propane to homes and businesses in southeastern Pennsylvania, including Montgomery and Chester, and to customers in northern Delaware and South Jersey. Check out our service area.

Never run out of fuel with us

We also deliver convenience and confidence. Our automatic propane delivery service, enhanced by our Gremlin tank monitor, eliminates the need for you to keep track of your tank levels and removes the worry of ever running out of fuel.

Propane equipment and service coverage

As a full-service propane company, we offer programs designed to take away your worries and save you money. These include propane/natural gas service plans. These service agreements help to keep your propane gas furnace or propane gas boiler functioning safely and at its peak efficiency. A service plan can offset repair costs and guarantees you priority heating emergency service. Read about the value of our propane gas service plans.

Pricing & EZ Pay

We have a proven way to make paying for your propane less stressful—and it won’t cost you a penny! We call it the EZ Pay monthly payment program. Here’s how it works:

We’ll review your fuel use over the past few heating seasons and estimate what your total bill will be for the coming year. Then we’ll split it into even monthly payments throughout the year. Instead of facing huge delivery expenses during the winter, you’ll pay much lower, predictable bills throughout the year.

Read more about Pricing and EZ Pay.

Propane tanks

When you become a Wilson customer, our propane pros will work with you to determine the best aboveground tank size for you based on the square footage of your home, the number of propane appliances you operate and the comfort needs of your family.

Of course, all the tanks we sell, lease and install meet stringent industry and EPA standards. And if you choose Wilson Oil & Propane to install an aboveground or underground tank, you can rest assured it will be installed properly, safely and quickly.

Read more about propane tanks.

Propane for builders

Wilson Oil & Propane leads the way in underground and aboveground tank installations for construction projects big and small.

Our builders’ services include:

Read more about propane for builders.

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If you’re looking for a full-service family-owned propane company you can count on in the Delaware Valley, contact Wilson Oil & Propane. We’re the People You Can Trust!