Pricing & EZ Pay

Understanding your propane price and propane cost

While Wilson Oil & Propane cannot control what happens with propane prices that are tied to the global market, we can give you some understanding about why propane prices rise and fall on a steady basis.

First, keep in mind that almost all the propane used in the U.S. is produced domestically, meaning every gallon you buy contributes to the independence of America’s energy needs. Having a propane tank on your property gives you the ability to store a sufficient supply that’s always ready for immediate use, eliminating any dependence on an underground gas pipeline—just one more reason to feel good about using propane.

Factors affecting your propane price

The world is so interconnected that war or political unrest on the other side of the globe affects life here in the Delaware Valley. Geopolitical events elsewhere can impact crude oil and natural gas prices here. And since propane is a by-product of both crude oil and natural gas, when the price on those fuels goes up, the price of propane follows suit.

The push and pull of supply and demand has always affected the price of propane—like with any other resource. And when the reduction in supply occurs during a time of high demand, such as the colder months, the market reacts. If that cold snap is especially extreme or lasts longer than usual, the scarcity gets further compounded. And if the general public reacts by panic buying (hoarding), then the scarcity can grow even more severe.

The best way to handle your propane cost

We have a proven way to make paying for your propane less stressful—and it won’t cost you a penny! We call it the EZ Pay monthly payment program. Here’s how it works:

We’ll review your fuel use over the past few heating seasons and estimate what your total bill will be for the coming year. Then we’ll split it into even monthly payments throughout the year. Instead of facing huge bills during the winter, you’ll pay much lower, predictable bills throughout the year.

Of course, you’re still responsible for paying for the fuel you get at the price on the day of the delivery, but you don’t have to pay for it all at once. This can be especially helpful when a single delivery in the middle of winter can typically run hundreds of dollars. There is no cost to enroll in EZ Pay.

Stay immune from dealing with high propane costs

With the EZ Pay monthly payment program, you can stop worrying about when you’ll need a delivery, how much you’ll receive and how large a check amount you’ll need to write. You don’t pay any more for your propane. You don’t get extra deliveries either. If our monthly payment estimate proves to be a little high or low, don’t worry, we will make adjustments.

Request enrollment in EZ Pay today.