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Propane Delivery FAQ

There’s a reason why most of our customers take advantage of our automatic propane delivery service. This is a proven method that allows us to manage your fuel supply, freeing you to handle other important household tasks during the heating season. Combined with a wireless tank monitor, this allows us to be accurate about your fuel needs and lets us make timely deliveries.

With our automatic propane delivery system, we can estimate how much fuel your home will typically use based on how cold it is outside. When combined with a tank monitor, we’ll get readings to show us exactly how much propane is left in your tank.

We will deliver fuel automatically to you, usually when your propane tank gets to be 20%—30% full. The result: minimal chance of a run-out, no more calling for a delivery and no more monitoring your fuel levels on your own.

So, instead of having to call us every time you need more propane, you don’t have to do anything! Our driver will simply come to your home and fill your tank based on the schedule we have built for you.

There is no need to schedule and wait for deliveries, and you’ll avoid the expense and hassle of having a leak test done—something that is required by law after a propane run-out. There is no extra charge to be on our automatic delivery schedule.

Combine automatic delivery with a tank monitor

You may qualify for a wireless tank monitor, which you can use in combination with automatic delivery. We can install a device that wirelessly monitors your propane usage so we will always know the actual amount of fuel in your tank.

Once we install your monitor, you can download a free app that instantly shows your propane tank level, the fuel being used each day and the next approximate automatic delivery date.

Please contact us if you would like to enroll in our automatic propane delivery program or find out more about a wireless tank monitor.

What is propane gas?

Some propane is created during the process of crude oil refining. During the stabilization phase of the refining process, heavier hydrocarbons fall to the bottom. But propane, being a lighter hydrocarbon, is at the top and it’s easily extracted.

Crude oil refining plays a small role in the production of propane, however. Today the majority of propane is derived from natural gas production. When natural gas gets taken out of the earth, it is a mix of different gases. One of these gases is propane.

To stop condensation from forming in natural gas pipelines, propane is extracted from liquid compounds as the natural gas is being processed. Butane is also extracted during this process. Propane, being much denser as a liquid than as a gas, is stored and transported as a liquid in this form of production.

Our future: renewable propane

Propane is already environmentally beneficial since it burns cleanly with negligible greenhouse gas emissions. The advent of renewable propane gas, however, takes the propane industry’s effort to become more sustainable a big step further.

While it is not in common use yet, renewable propane gas has positioned itself to be a major part of the clean fuel conversation in the years ahead.

Just as conventional propane is a coproduct of crude oil and natural gas extraction, most renewable propane can be considered a coproduct of biofuel creation. Many of the same feedstocks that go into creating biofuel — animal oils, vegetable oils, biomass — are used to create renewable propane.

This method of producing propane is as safe, cost-effective, and dependable as the propane that’s now generated from natural gas. And when compared to electricity, renewable propane has a considerably smaller carbon footprint. It can also reduce our reliance on aging, poorly maintained, fragile electric utility infrastructures.

Propane delivery FAQ

Q: What can I do to be ready for a delivery?

A: In bad winter weather conditions, our delivery drivers may encounter some problems that can cause your propane delivery to be delayed or rescheduled. In normal conditions, you can expect your delivery within two business days of your order.

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Here’s what you can do to help make sure that your propane can be delivered as efficiently as possible:

Keeping your tank accessible all year long will put a smile on the faces of our drivers. Thank you in advance for your help!

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