Absolutely! If you have a boiler, you can install an indirect-fired water heater and get hot water during the winter months virtually FREE. Indirect-fired water heaters use the burner in your boiler to also heat your tap water. This can cut hot water costs by hundreds of dollars a year!

buderus water heater

Buderus ST Series Vertical standing indirect-fired hot water tank. Capacities range from 40 to 258 gallons.

Indirect-fired hot water tanks—one of the most efficient water heating options available!


The average household spends up to 30% of its energy dollars on heating water. That is why Buderus pioneered a method of producing and storing domestic hot water that is incredibly efficient. The super-insulated design of Buderus tanks protects against heat loss and cuts hot water costs. Only Buderus tanks are equipped with the thermal glaze DUOCLEAN™, a ceramic material that’s thermally bonded to the internal components of the tank. The smooth, glass-like coating provides added protection against the corrosive effects of minerals that naturally occur in water. Buderus hot water tanks provide clean, pure and reliable hot water comfort for many years. Pictured here is the Buderus ST Series. This vertical standing indirect-fired hot water tank features capacities ranging from 40 to 258 gallons.

Bock direct-fired oil water heater

Bock 32E Residential Direct-Fired Oil Water Heaters

If an indirect-fired water heater is not an option for you, you can still enjoy water heating efficiency with models from manufacturers like Bock.

This popular model leads the industry in energy efficiency with a .66 EF rating and 180 gallons of first-hour delivery.

  • Turboflue® design is the most advanced and efficient heat exchanger, heating fuel faster and using less fuel
  • Cglass® porcelain enamel glass is highly resistant to aggressive water
  • heavy-gauge steel construction for longer life
  • dual magnesium anode rods inhibit corrosion and maximize tank life
  • double pressure tested—the only manufacturer that tests pressure twice
  • fully welded tank skirt prevents escape of noxious gas escapes
  • center flue design reduces tank flex for longer life
  • standard dual aquastats for accurate temperature control
  • spring-loaded inspection door for easy inspection and maintenance
  • 5-year limited warranty on steel tank

The latest in tankless technology is the tankless condensing heater.

The latest in tankless technology is the tankless condensing heater

A Noritz tankless water heater heats water quickly, providing as much hot water as you want. The unit incorporates an on-demand system that stops heating water when the water supply is stopped (when you turn off your faucets). When you open your faucet, cold water enters a coil of piping in a heat exchanger, which is warmed by a powerful burner that can raise the temperature of the water very quickly. Noritz tankless water heaters are up to 50% more efficient than a standard water heater that uses natural gas. It’s up to 70% more efficient than an electric water heater.

Bradford White Energy Saver upright electric water heater

Bradford White

Bradford White engineers all of its products with longevity and reliability in mind. Count on Wilson and Bradford White for some of the highest quality, American-made water heaters and space heating products available in the industry. For instance, the galvanized steel fittings in Bradford White water heater tanks are plastic lined in order to slow down the process of electrolysis, which, if unchecked, can cause leaks or failure.

Bradford White water heaters are protected from corrosion by Vitraglas®, an exclusive ceramic porcelain-like coating. Vitraglas is uniquely formulated and applied to the interior of the water heater tank. Wilson’s test results prove that Vitraglas provides unsurpassed protection against failure when compared with other water heater linings.

Bradford White stands behind its products with a six-year limited warranty on both tank and parts at no extra cost.

Whether you need an oil-, gas- or electric-powered water heater, we can help. We sell, install and service all types of water heaters. Contact us today to find out which water heating option will work best for you.