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Management Team

With Wilson since 1996. It’s a privilege to carry on the legacy and tradition of the Wilson family business. I feel very fortunate that my father-in-law, Marvel Wilson, Jr., saw my potential and had the confidence in me to allow me to continue the legacy that his father started in 1926.

I really enjoy this business, and I remain committed to having Wilson provide the highest level of customer service in the oil and propane industry. I work hard with our team every day to ensure that we deliver on that mission.

David O’Connell

Born and raised in Wallingford, PA and currently live in West Chester, PA. I have been with Wilson “since birth”. I'm proud to be the 3rd generation of Wilson of Wallingford, with my husband and family; having deep roots in the community celebrating over 90 years, both in business and in service.

I enjoy traveling, discovering new restaurants, drinking great wine, Interior Design, DIY, crafting and all things colorful and creative!

Betsy Wilson O'Connell
Social Media Director

Active member of American Institute of Certified Public Accountants; from Drexel Hill, PA; with Wilson since June 2014.

Wilson’s reputation drew me in; Wilson has always been an industry leader in innovation and community friendly standards. Atmosphere of professionalism; continually demands excellence while still allowing a healthy and positive work environment.

I enjoy running and staying fit; I still umpire American Legion & youth baseball games throughout the spring and summer.

Tim McGrath
Corporate Controller

From Deptford, NJ; with Wilson since 1996.

Wilson is like a second family; everyone truly cares about each other and we are all friends.

When I’m not working, I enjoy coaching my son’s baseball team, and enjoying family time with my wife and 2 boys.

Larry Grier
Service Manager

From Havertown, PA; with Wilson since 2007.

I like that Wilson is a family-owned business and they treat the employees like family.

In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my family and daughter, and riding my motorcycle.

Wayne Johnson
Assistant Service Manager

From Media, PA; with Wilson since 2002.

I appreciate working for a family business where everyone is encouraged to have input and feels valued.

I enjoy running, swimming, sports, and spending time at the shore.

Stan Nagle
Delivery Operations Manager

Customer Service

From Boothwyn, PA. With Wilson since March 2020.

I like the friendly atmosphere at Wilson's, and appreciate that it is a family-owned business.

In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my grandkids, camping and crafts.

Cathy Dube
Credit & Collections Manager

From Drexel Hill; with Wilson since summer of 2018, bringing 24 years of experience with me.

I truly enjoy working at a family-owned business. I like how David, the owner, is very much in touch with the customers. He knows what’s going on behind the scenes. It’s a good feeling to know that. I also like working as a team with the other customer service specialists.

When I’m not at work, I enjoy spending time with my granddaughter, and I love going to the beach.

Cindy Nugent
Customer Service

From Drexel Hill, PA; with Wilson since October 2017.

I appreciate that Wilson is a great family-oriented, friendly company that cares very much about their customers.

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my husband, my son, and my mother. I also like to read books.

Cathy Sherlock
Customer Service


From West Chester, PA; with Wilson since 2010.

What do I like best about working for Wilson? The people. I look at the depth of experience the techs have and know they are doing the right thing. The CSRs are all very responsive. I have known David for the better part of 35 years. Great guy.

My outside interest include horses, hunting, fishing, kayaking, biking, and skiing.

Gerald Kuller
Home Comfort Manager

With Wilson since July 2019.

I enjoy showing customers how Wilson, as a family-business, offers a personal level of service that’s often missing from larger corporations. Working with the team has been a great experience and I am most impressed with the leadership.

David O'Connell is up on technology, and he's always looking for a quicker way to get the customer the service they need. Everything seems to get accomplished fast and efficiently. That's because everyone here works together to get the job done.

Joe Martinez
Energy Solutions Representative

From Kansas City, MO; with Wilson since 2011.

I like the “family” environment in working for the Wilson/O’Connell family. They are “hands on” problem solvers, and they care deeply about this company and our customers.

In my spare time, I love travel, gardening, learning about wine, and most importantly being a great mom to my daughter.

Kathryn Mehan
Commercial Propane Manager

Field Service & Delivery

From Philadelphia; with Wilson since May 2020.

I appreciate Wilson's delivery management team.

In my free time, I enjoy going to the casino.

Hank Brylinski
Delivery Driver

From Ridley, PA; with Wilson since April 2018.

I like working for Wilson because it's a family business and everyone is willing to help out. It's a great work environment.

Outside of work, I love to hang out with my nephews, going fishing and going to the beach.

Mike Campbell
Service Technician

From Norwood, PA; with Wilson since June 2019.

I like working for Wilson because the people are great!

Outside of work, I enjoy fishing and going to the beach.

Abbi Curran
Service Technician

From Aston PA; with Wilson since 2017.

I like working for Wilson because it is a family oriented company.

In my spare time, I enjoy fishing, hunting, the outdoors, and cars.

Mike Hunter
Service Technician / Oil Delivery Driver

Grew up in Upper Darby, PA and now live in Newton Square; with Wilson since 1976.

I like the people I work with and I enjoy helping the customers with their problems.

I enjoy bowling, gardening and spending time with the family.

Ed Johnson, Sr.
Service Technician

From Springfield, PA; with Wilson since September 2019.

I like working for Wilson because it keeps me busy.

Outside of work, I enjoy taking care of my family.

Jim Kilroy
Delivery Driver

From Sharon Hill, PA; with Wilson since May 2020.

I like the ongoing training provided by Wilson.

In my free time, I like going to the beach and the movies.

Taurus Lansdowne
Service Technician

From Springfield, PA; with Wilson since May 2020.

I appreciate the friendly environment at Wilson Oil and Propane.

When I'm not working, I enjoy bowling, fishing, and family time.

Damion Layton
Delivery Driver

From Wallingford, PA; with Wilson since 1985.

I enjoy being faced with a new challenge each day and ending my day with the feeling of accomplishment.

My outside interests include music, concerts, motorcycles, jet skiing, riding, driving & traveling.

Chris Manning
HVAC Tech / Delivery Driver

From Prospect Park, PA; with Wilson since 2003.

My co-workers at Wilson are knowledgeable and great to work with.

When I’m not working, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends.

Matt McGrouty
Service Technician / Delivery Driver

From Havertown, PA; with Wilson since November 2017.

I like working with the other service techs...they are helpful.

In my spare time, I enjoy flea markets, auctions, and car shows.

John Murtagh
Service Technician

From Telford, PA; with Wilson since 2012.

I like the flexible hours at Wilson, and the guys I work with. I also appreciate learning new skills.

Outside of work, I enjoy traveling, fishing, and camping.

David Nassar
Seasonal Service Technician / Delivery Driver

From Earleville, MD; with Wilson since December 2013.

Coming from a large corporate type HVAC company, I love the small company/personal feel of Wilson. Employees are family and customers are treated with respect and as people, not numbers.

Outside of work, I enjoy time with family at home, reading SciFi novels, (Star Wars is a way of life for me), movies, and Maryland visits. A quick trip into Cecil Co. for a meal, a walk on the beach, or a weekend in Chesapeake City, MD always clears the soul.

Mike Raikowski
Service Technician

From Pennsville, NJ; with Wilson since November 2019.

I like Wilson's company structure, and the chance to learn more about the trade.

Outside of work, I enjoy working out, travel, the beach, cooking, music, and chess.

Tarick Sam
Service Technician