Heating Oil Service

Dependable heating oil delivery in southeastern Pennsylvania and northern Delaware

Wilson has been delivering heating oil to homes and businesses in southeastern Pennsylvania since 1926. Everyone who works here at Wilson is 100% committed to your comfort and dedicated to giving you excellent service. Our drivers are carefully trained to deliver your oil promptly and efficiently. And we are here for you 24/7 for emergency deliveries and repairs.

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Delivering real value

Wilson customers know value isn’t just about rock-bottom prices. Real value comes from dependability, quality, convenience and personal service. We deliver value by offering our customers the highest quality fuels—always backed up by great, responsive service.

We also deliver convenience: Our free automatic delivery service eliminates the need to monitor your tank levels and removes the worry of running out of fuel. Our proven system is based on your typical use, daily temperatures and weather forecasts, so we can predict when you need fuel.

Also keep in mind that oil heat offers real value when it comes to heating your home. Because oil generates 40% more Btu’s of heat than an equivalent amount of natural gas, you need to burn far less oil to warm the same house. Plus, the newest oil burners for home heating—combined with highly refined heating oil that contains a low-sulfur content—reduce emissions almost to zero.

Helping you save

Wilson is committed to delivering quality home heating oil at a consistently fair price. Many factors contribute to heating oil pricing in southeastern Pennsylvania and northern Delaware. Like gasoline and diesel fuel, heating oil is a “finished” product derived from crude oil, so its price is closely tied to the price of crude oil. U.S. production of crude oil has been soaring in recent years, so supply is not an issue. But everything from the weather to global politics can influence the energy markets and affect the cost of heating oil. On a local level, seasonal demand, operational costs and even competition between dealers can result in price fluctuation.

That’s why Wilson offers ways to help you keep heating costs under control, no matter where prices go or how cold it gets. Our monthly payment plan spreads fuel costs over 12 months, so you can avoid bills that spike in the winter, especially during prolonged cold waves.

With close to a century of experience selling and installing oil-heating systems, Wilson’s staff has the knowledge to help you choose a system that will keep you reliably warm and comfortable while reducing your fuel bills and energy consumption.

Our Service Advantage package helps you save, too. This unique program rolls all the convenient options we offer into a single bundle, and includes automatic delivery as well as comprehensive service coverage. That means you get seasonal maintenance, which helps keep your equipment operating at maximum efficiency to keep fuel costs down. Regular tune-ups also prevent breakdowns, but if you do need a repair, the Service Advantage program offers coverage for many expensive repairs, including parts and labor.

What you put in your tank matters

The oil in your tank burns cleaner than oil used in the past.

Advances in refining processes have produced ultra-low sulfur heating oil that’s better for customers in many ways. Heating oil is already more efficient than natural gas. Cleaner oil burns even more efficiently—helping to keep heating costs down. It’s also kinder to your heating system. Less sulfur means less build-up in your equipment and lower maintenance costs for you.

And of course, cleaner-burning fuel is better for the environment. The ultra-low sulfur heating oil we deliver is the cleanest ever, producing almost zero particulates.

If you’re looking for a full-service, family-owned heating oil company you can count on, contact Wilson Oil & Propane today.