carrier thermostat
Carrier Edge Thermostat

Perhaps the greatest change, and biggest money saver, in home comfort technology over the last 15 years has been the introduction of programmable thermostats. Installing one of these user-friendly controls is one of the simplest ways to improve your comfort and cut energy consumption by as much as 33%!

Programmable thermostats are:

  • affordable
  • simple
  • money saving
carrier infinity thermostat
Carrier Infinity Control Thermostat

Because these devices allow you to set many different temperatures for your home throughout the week, you can tailor your comfort to your liking. This improves your comfort system’s efficiency, which means greater energy savings! Plus, the precise temperature control of a programmable thermostat saves wear and tear on your heating and cooling equipment.

Even the most inefficient heating or central air system can keep you more comfortable and operate more efficiently when properly controlled. The reverse is also true: Even the most efficient equipment won’t begin to reach its potential for efficiency if it’s paired with outdated manual controls.

Maximum control

Modern systems not only control temperature around the clock, they can also control humidification and air cleaning devices. Some of today’s advanced models even let you adjust your programmable thermostat over the phone! You can check on your home’s temperature from anywhere in the world and set the thermostat for a comfortable temperature on your return.

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