How Does an A/C System Keep Your Home Cool?

Posted: June 21, 2021

Did you know your air conditioning system not only blows cool air into your home, it pulls out warm, humid air out also? Here is a simple explanation about how that happens. Within your A/C system are two coils – an aptly named evaporator coil (located inside your house) and a condenser coil (located outside your house) Traveling within and between these coils is refrigerant – a chemical that has the ability to change from a liquid to a gas very quickly, transferring heat in the process. Passing along the indoor evaporator coil, the refrigerant absorbs heat from the surrounding […]

Getting The Most Out Of An A/C System Investment

Posted: June 14, 2021

Although Wilson Oil and Propane started as a fuel delivery company 95 years ago, we have also been installing and servicing air conditioning systems in homes and businesses for many decades. That’s why we’re experts in designing the ideal air conditioning solution for our customers. What Professional A/C Installation Looks Like Lots of companies call themselves air conditioning experts, but very few take the time and care to make sure that the equipment they install will keep you comfortable for years to come while saving you money as well. Here are some of the many steps we take ensure your […]

Benefits Of A Ductless Mini-Split A/C System

Posted: June 7, 2021

Mini-split ductless heat pump systems are a hot trend these days. These systems let you cool (or heat!) virtually any space without installing expensive ductwork. It also means no more lugging AC window units out of storage! Besides being highly efficient—ductless units use less electricity to do the same job as a window air conditioner or a space heater. These units are compact, inconspicuous and quiet, can mount almost anywhere and all connect to one outdoor unit. These units are perfect for: homes without ducts additions to your home garages, basements and attics that have been converted to livable space […]

5 A/C System Mistakes People Make

Posted: May 17, 2021

A properly functioning air conditioning system makes it easy for you to beat the heat. But a slew of problems–from costly repairs to comfort issues to high utility bills— can crop up if you make these five common mistakes. 1. Ignoring Your System If you notice that your system is not keeping your home as comfortable as before and your electric bills have increased dramatically, you may be making the biggest mistake of all: failing to have your system serviced on a regular basis. Don’t give your cooling system the cold shoulder! Over time, dirt and debris build-up inside a […]

Seal Your Air Ducts And Save Up To 30%

Posted: May 10, 2021

Properly functioning air ducts are critical in keeping your home comfortable and your energy costs under control. As you probably know, your furnace or air conditioning system pushes heated or cooled air through the air ducts and then through the air vents or registers in your home. It sounds simple enough– as long as your duct system is clean and in good condition. However, if ductwork leaks out air, harmful pollutants can get distributed through your home. Besides causing poor indoor air quality, ductwork that’s in disrepair will lower the efficiency of your heating and cooling systems, increasing your energy […]

Propane Grill Safety Reminders

Posted: May 3, 2021

First proclaimed in 1963, National Barbecue Month in May is just a fun way to encourage us to do some outdoor cooking. Not that we need much encouragement! Food just seems to taste better when it’s cooked outdoors. If you want to expand your horizons as a chef, check out these top barbecue and grilling recipes—from seafood and steaks to fruits and vegetables–from the Food Channel. Staying Safe With Your Grill Hopefully, you’ve inspected your propane grill for leaks by now and gave it a full cleaning for all of the outdoor cooking that lies ahead. But it’s always a […]