Propane/Natural Gas Service Plan

Peace of mind in case we need to repair your heating system

The last thing you need is a broken boiler or furnace on a cold winter night! Nothing prevents breakdowns and saves money more easily than getting annual maintenance for your gas heating system.

Once you have your tune-up done, you can enjoy peace of mind all winter long, not having to worry about your heating conking out on the coldest night of the year. (Studies bear this out: the rate of emergency breakdowns among homeowners without a service agreement is a whopping 40%, compared to only 14% for those with a service agreement).

An annual heating tune-up allows our technician to spot small problems before they grow into something that could cause your system to malfunction.

Most warranties on gas equipment exclude repairs that occur due to "lack of regular routine maintenance." With a Wilson service plan, that won’t be an issue.

Our plans offer you safety too. To prevent carbon monoxide poisoning, resulting from a problem with your propane or natural gas system, we do regular safety and venting checks.

It’s all part of our effort to give you the most value, the most comfort, the most protection and the most home comfort peace of mind.

Visit our FAQ page for answers to frequently asked questions about our service plans.

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Total Comfort Plan

Natural Gas Total Plan includes:

  • FREE overtime charges.
  • FREE annual natural gas equipment tune-up.
  • FREE emergency service.
  • FREE parts and labor on heating repairs (see complete list).

Our Total Comfort Plan protects your heating system from most breakdowns and includes an annual tune-up, if necessary, to prevent problems. This plan includes all repairs or replacement of the following parts, plus emergency service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Tune-Up Hot Water Systems
  • clean and adjust thermostat
  • clean and adjust all safety controls
  • clean and lubricate burners and controls assembly
  • adjust burner for efficiency
  • check for gas leaks in the furnace
  • lubricate moving parts
  • check belts and adjust tension
  • check filters
  • check flue pipe, draft diverter and heat exchanger
  • check fan control
  • adjust pressure regulator
  • check furnace for fumes
  • check complete furnace operating cycle
  • clean and adjust pilot
  • make recommendations to ensure customer’s maximum comfort
  • air scoop
  • automatic water feeder
  • barometric dampers
  • bearing assembly
  • boiler valves
  • circulator complete
  • circulator coupling
  • circulator impeller
  • circulator motor
  • circulator motor mounts
  • circulator switch
  • circulator wicking
  • dual valve
  • pop safety valve
  • pressure reducing valve
  • purge valve
  • zone valve head
  • zone valve motor
  • zone valve relay

Controls Warm Air Systems
  • aquastat
  • circulatorcontrol
  • combination control
  • combination fan/limit control
  • electronic ignition control
  • emergency switch
  • fuses
  • ignition leads
  • high limit control
  • low limit control
  • reverse aquastat
  • thermostat (manual)
  • glass gauge
  • air filter (disposable only)
  • blowerbearings
  • blower belt
  • blower circuit board
  • blower complete
  • blower motor (non-ECM, up to 1/3 hp)
  • blower motor capacitor
  • blower pulley
  • blower shaft
  • blower wheel

Other Burner
  • baffle
  • diaphragm assembly
  • flue pipe
  • pressure relief valve
  • primary control
  • safety control
  • smoke pipe
  • spark plug
  • temperature relief valve
  • thermocouple
  • thermostat control
  • flame sensor
  • gas stop valve
  • gas valve
  • low voltage transformer
  • pilot assembly
  • pilot burner
  • pilot orifice
  • pilot valve
  • pressure switch
  • thermocouple

  • adjusting boiler pressure
  • venting baseboard radiators
  • adjusting water level

Loyalty Credits
(included with each plan)

See details.

It is our goal to reward our loyal customers. You earn $75 in Loyalty Credits each year you purchase a service plan, up to a lifetime maximum of $600 while you are a customer. You can use these credits toward the purchase of a variety of heating and cooling equipment. (The figures below show how much can be used for any one item.)

  • boiler
  • burner
  • gas or electric water heater
  • central a/c system
  • programmable digital thermostat
  • germicidal ultraviolet light
  • HEPA central air purifier
  • furnace