Building a New Home?

Building homes efficiently with propane

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Savvy homebuilders are now utilizing the Propane Energy Pod. No, it’s not the latest electronic gadget from Apple. It’s an innovative model for new-home construction that merges these applications of propane into an integrated whole-house energy package:

  • space heating
  • water heating
  • cooking
  • clothes drying
  • fireplaces

Builders can now use this approach to give their buyers a home that is a pleasure to live in—with gas for cooking, clothes drying and fireplaces, unlimited hot water and super-efficient space heating. Some builders are raising the bar even further by incorporating propane outdoor living products as well. As an added bonus, rebates are available through the Propane Education & Research Council.

Besides enjoying heightened, affordable comfort, anyone who builds a new home using the Propane Energy Pod model will have bragging rights because of how effectively it reduces carbon-emission reductions.

See how a Pennsylvania builder used Propane Energy Pod principles to increase the energy efficiency of his projects.