Propane for Builders

Tank installation, temporary heat and more

Wilson Oil & Propane leads the way in underground and aboveground tank installations for construction projects big and small.

Our builders’ services include:

We provide fuel tank and gas supply system sizing, installation and continuous fuel supply throughout the construction process. We are also experts in designing a gas supply system for temporary construction heat. We will supply bullet space heaters and temp heat tanks after the tank has been installed and the walls are up.

Wilson also provides installation of additional underground gas lines for multiple appliances.

It is our goal to provide as much one-stop-supply as possible for our customers and friends in the construction trades.

Propane tank planning

Wilson provides propane gas service for a wide range of commercial consumers. We will design a fuel storage system to safely and economically meet each customer’s unique needs.

Our professional team of design and installation experts can help spec units, interface with subcontractors, handle installation, replenish the fuel supply and maintain and service the equipment as required.

We service numerous properties that contain single or multiple storage tanks installed aboveground or underground. Tanks are sized according to present and potential requirements.

Service for propane communities

We provide reliable propane service for single-family homes, townhomes, condos, single properties or multihome communities. The follow-up with the homeowners includes onsite visits from Wilson staff, system walk-throughs, safety training and ongoing customer support.

Do business with a local, family-owned company that supports the building trade! You may qualify for the Energy Pod Rebate, free or discounted equipment for installs, a special builder’s rate for temp heat and potential free temp heat fuel for special projects.

Contact us today about our propane services for builders.