Easy, Convenient and FREE!

If you’re not using automatic propane delivery, you’re missing out!

automatic propane delivery pa

We can’t figure out why, but many of you are still reluctant to sign up for automatic propane delivery. It’s especially puzzling when you consider that it’s a FREE service and that it makes ensuring your winter warmth much easier.

Here’s how it works

We use a sophisticated computerized system that monitors the weather and keeps track of your fuel use. This lets us know exactly when to schedule your deliveries so you always have propane when you need it. You never have to worry about running out of fuel! In fact, we guarantee you won’t run out!* When you sign up for automatic delivery, you’ll enjoy a worry-free fuel supply. That means:

  • no more checking your tank for the fuel level
  • no more running out of propane
  • no more calling for deliveries

*If you get automatic deliveries and we let you run out of fuel, we’ll give you a $50 account credit!

Why do we do this?

We offer free automatic delivery because it prevents run-outs and emergency deliveries. It’s in our interest to minimize emergency deliveries because they mean last-minute changes to our regular, carefully planned delivery schedules. And, of course, if it’s the middle of the night, we have to wake a driver and call him in to work.

Our Gremlin wireless propane tank monitors give you peace of mind

If you are an Automatic Delivery customer, you know the security of us tracking your propane usage history and the weather so we can accurately schedule your propane deliveries.

But some of you may want more security, especially if your propane use is changing. You may have had more propane appliances installed. You may be working from home more now or doing it full-time. Adult children, college students doing distance learning, or elderly parents may now be living with you.

For more precise knowledge of how much propane you have, we offer the Gremlin wireless propane tank monitor! The monitor tracks exactly how much propane is in your tank and uses wireless and cellular technology to constantly send that information to Wilson Oil & Propane.

We’ll always know how much propane you have, and precisely when you need a propane delivery.

Gremlin wireless tank monitoring means no work, no worries for you! You don’t have to go outside in bad weather to check your tank gauge levels. Instead, our Gremlin app lets you check your real-time propane tank gauge levels any time of day or night on your smartphone or tablet, anywhere you get a signal.

Contact us to learn more about our wireless tank monitoring service.

Keep us in the loop

If you’re getting automatic deliveries now and your heating requirements change, please let us know. For example, if there’s a new baby in your household or if remodeling has increased your home’s size, we need to know so we can adjust the timing of your deliveries to reflect your increased, or decreased, need for fuel.

Save money

If you own your propane tank, before we fill a “will call” tank with propane, we perform a safety gas check. For first-time customers, this service is complimentary. But repeat customers who own their own tank and are “will calls” can save the $79.95 gas check fee by signing up for automatic delivery.

Your fuel costs will not change!

One misconception some people have about automatic delivery is that we wait for prices to rise before making deliveries. Not only is that impossible (because we can’t predict what’s going to happen with prices), it would also mean constantly juggling our delivery schedule. Finally, if we waited for high propane prices before making our automatic deliveries, we would risk having customers run out of fuel before we got to them, which is exactly what we are trying to prevent. We stay in business by making customers happy, not by creating problems for them that leave them angry and frustrated.

Please contact us if you would like to enroll in our free automatic delivery program or find out more about a wireless tank monitor.