Autogas for Commercial Landscapers

landscaping propane autogas delaware valley, pa

With propane autogas, you can cut your fuel costs substantially.

Why autogas?

According to the Alternative Fuels Data Center, 60% of alternative-fuel vehicles nationwide run on propane, from buses in metropolitan areas to fleet trucks, forklifts, lawnmowers and farm tractors. It is the third most popular vehicle fuel, next to gasoline and diesel. Talk to us about fueling station options.

Get your propane autogas from Wilson Oil & Propane

Partner with us and you will also save time and improve your bottom line even further. We’ll set you up with a secure storage container and put you on a delivery schedule to suit your needs. Instead of your employees losing time stopping at a fueling station every day to fill up with gasoline, we’ll deliver to your business so you can get to your customers faster.

Your customers will be impressed, too, because with propane autogas, you can show them you are using a domestic fuel that has lower fuel emissions than gasoline and no chance of spillage. It’s more affordable than you think!

Do you have a landscaping business? You can get up to $1,000 per mower through the Propane Mower Incentive Program. A limited number of incentives are available.

What do propane-powered commercial mowers offer?

Propane Autogas

  • lower operating costs
  • proven performance
  • fewer emissions
  • easy on-site refueling and less downtime
  • reduced fuel spills and pilferage
  • abundant fuel supply produced in the United States

Read more about the Propane Mower Incentive Program.