Plan Now for Summer Comfort

Posted: February 4, 2013

Special early bird discount on cooling system tune-ups.

The last thing you’re thinking about right now are the “dog days” of summer, but this is a great time to think ahead and book your spring cooling system tune-up.

First, we’re offering an early bird discount of $25 off for all tune-ups booked before April 1, 2013.

Second, the earlier you get your system ready for summer, the more days you’ll benefit from the increased energy efficiency and lower utility costs you get with a tune-up.

Our tune-up service is designed to prevent problems on those scorching hot days in July and August by making sure your system is clean, and properly lubricated and adjusted. It gives us a chance to spot all problems before they become big ones, and make sure your system is set to provide maximum cooling comfort.

Take advantage of early-bird savings today. Contact us now to book your spring cooling system tune-up.