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“Made a big difference! We had the duct sealing done because our upstairs bedrooms were always hot or cold compared to the rest of the house. It made a huge difference immediately. The crew was thorough and efficient. Great investment.”—Natalie
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AerosealFrequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I tell if my ducts are leaking?

A: During our home performance evaluation, we pressure test your ductwork to calculate duct leakage. We can then tackle those leaks with Aeroseal and close the leaks that we can’t even see! The result will be better air quality in your home and savings on your heating and cooling bills.

Q: Does Aeroseal coat the entire inside of the duct work?

A: No. It only fills the leaks in the duct from the inside.

Q: What amount of leakage reduction is expected?

A: On average, up to 90%.

Q: What is the return on my investment?

A: There are many factors that go into calculating the cost of Aeroseal. Typically our customers can expect a payback from one to four years.

Q: Is the aerosol harmful to the environment or my family?

A: No, Aeroseal is entirely nontoxic.

Q: How long does it take to do the sealing?

A: From start to finish, the process usually takes about eight hours.

Q: Do you need to open walls or do anything else disruptive to my home?

A: Absolutely not. We can reach all of the duct work without opening walls, cutting holes in ceilings or any other areas where the ductwork is concealed. This is the beauty of using Aeroseal.

Q: Is the work guaranteed?

A: Yes. The Aeroseal product provides a 10-year warranty for homes.

Q: What should I do to prepare my home for Aeroseal?

A: Since we need access to all supply and return registers on the walls and floors of your home, anything that is around these registers will need to be moved before we arrive.

To schedule a Home Performance Evaluation, which includes inspecting your ductwork for leaks, please fill out our survey or call us at (888) 607-2621.