Energy-Efficient Heating Systems

We’ve been providing our customers with energy-saving and money-saving tips for years

We’re glad that more people today understand the importance of reducing their carbon footprint by “going green.” It’s simply the right thing to do for the environment and it saves you money too. This page catalogues green choices in new equipment.

g125be boiler


The G125BE Buderus boiler features an efficiency level of 89%, ultra-low emissions and a fuel-saving energy management system. The Low-NOx Buderus BE Burner burns at lower temperatures than conventional burners and recirculates combustion gases, resulting in virtually no soot residue.


The KERR PARADIGM condensing oil-fired warm-air furnace represents a shift forward in oil heating technology. Capable of steady state efficiencies up to 97%, the Paradigm is significantly more efficient than most Energy Star qualified oil-fired furnaces. Higher efficiency means reduced fuel consumption, and that means lower fuel bills for you, year after year.

HybridHeat Systems

The ultimate HybridHeat system from Carrier includes either an Infinity 96% AFUE gas furnace or a variable speed oil furnace, both with an Infinity 19-SEER heat pump to provide superior comfort and economical operation. This powerful combination can deliver heated air temperatures that are warmer than most traditional heat pumps. And because the HybridHeat system also provides cool, indoor comfort when it’s hot outside, this system is your total year-round solution for indoor comfort.

You’ll save on energy because you’ll use a heating source that provides more energy-efficient comfort during moderate heating conditions. As the temperature drops outside, the system automatically switches to your second heating source when that becomes the most economical way to keep your family comfortable.

solar panels pa
“In a whole-house heating application, solar collectors gather heat, which then gets transferred to the water through the lower heat exchanger coil. The upper heat exchanger coil then allows for reheating by the heating boiler.”

Water Heaters

Noritz recently introduced the next generation in tankless water heating: the tankless condensing heater. This versatile unit can be used for both residential and commercial applications, and it’s the “greenest” tankless water heater available today! It is available in both natural gas and propane models.

Solar-Powered Water Heating

Veissmann solar-powered indirect-fired water heaters represent the most environmentally friendly method of domestic water heating. The design includes a dual heat-exchanger coil that’s used in conjunction with solar collectors and a heating boiler. Tank size options are 70 gallons and 120 gallons.

Solar-Powered Whole-House Heating

The federal government offers tax credits of up to $2,000 for homeowners who install solar heating systems. The state of Pennsylvania offers low interest loans to help finance installation. As a company that embraces renewable energy sources, Wilson can advise you about how you can supplement your heating system with solar power.

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