Wilson Oil raised over $11,500 for local first responders and for Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

Dear Friends,

I want to thank everyone who came out on Oct. 20 and participated in our second annual Fueled Up & Fired Up Pick 5 Challenge. I am pleased to announce that thanks to your support we raised over $11,500 for our local first responders and for Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

I also want to offer a special thanks to our employees, who volunteered their time with enthusiasm and helped make this event a great success.

Community has always been important to us here at Wilson Oil and Propane, and lending support to local organizations is a long tradition. But I must say that it is especially gratifying to be able to do good things in the company of your friends and neighbors.

David O’Connell

A $1,250 rebate on qualifying Carrier systems.

Do you know how old your heating or cooling system is? If it’s 15 years old or older, you’re probably paying much more than you should in order to heat or cool your home.

But if you replace your old equipment with a modern, high-efficiency system, you could save hundreds of dollars each year — and feel more comfortable too!

Once you’ve installed a new system, you will also have virtually eliminated the need for the expensive repairs and the escalating maintenance costs associated with an aging system.

And think about your peace of mind! No more strange noises. No more suddenly losing your heat or air conditioning because another old part has worn out. You will also reduce your risk of having to deal with frozen pipes, and the ensuing water damage, caused by your old furnace or boiler conking out while you are away for the weekend.

Special early bird discount on cooling system tune-ups.

The last thing you’re thinking about right now are the “dog days” of summer, but this is a great time to think ahead and book your spring cooling system tune-up.

First, we’re offering an early bird discount of $25 off for all tune-ups booked before April 1, 2013.

Second, the earlier you get your system ready for summer, the more days you’ll benefit from the increased energy efficiency and lower utility costs you get with a tune-up.

Our tune-up service is designed to prevent problems on those scorching hot days in July and August by making sure your system is clean, and properly lubricated and adjusted. It gives us a chance to spot all problems before they become big ones, and make sure your system is set to provide maximum cooling comfort.

Take advantage of early-bird savings today. Contact us now to book your spring cooling system tune-up.

Wilson Oil installs both oil and propane equipment.

Are you thinking about switching from heating oil to propane? Please contact us before you make a decision.

We service and install both oil and propane equipment. This means we can give you an objective analysis of the costs and benefits of switching — including the costs associated with converting.

After doing an honest cost analysis for you, we’ll tell you if we think it makes sense for you to switch. Contact us to find out more.