David O’Connell

Dear Friends,

Besides helping our customers get ready for the heating season, we’ve been busy organizing the Fueled Up & Fired Up Pick 5 Challenge, our annual run/walk event to raise money for two great causes.

Please join us at the event, on October 19. As before, your participation will make this fundraiser a great success. Please contact us if you would like to make a donation, either individually or through your employer. I look forward to speaking with many of you at this fun and rewarding event.

I’m also looking forward to having our team get you fully prepared for winter. Right now our technicians are busy getting heating systems in shape with preventive-maintenance tune-ups, and our equipment experts are installing new systems for customers who want to upgrade for better efficiency and greater comfort.

If you get automatic deliveries, you can rest assured that you will receive your heating oil or propane in plenty of time. Checking the tank is a thing of the past. If you are on our monthly payment plan, there will be no big surprises for you this winter because you’ll pay the same level amount each month.

For a worry-free winter, please consider one of our service plans, which include a tune-up plus great coverage for repairs. Please go to WilsonOilAndPropane.com to explore your service plan options and to learn more about all that we can do for you, including home energy audits.

David O’Connell

Fueled Up & Fired Up Pick 5 Challenge

It’s time to get Fueled Up & Fired Up for our Pick 5 Challenge! Once again we will donate all proceeds from the race evenly between the Philadelphia affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure and the Nether Providence First Responders. Last year, we raised more than $11,000! (See pictures at right.) Please help us top that number in 2013.

Click here to learn more and to register. See you on October 19!

Registering for the race gets us to the start line, but fundraising gets us to the finish line!

Energy Usage Statistics

If there were a competition for the most energy-efficient home on your block, would you be the winner? BEGIN THE COMPETITION RIGHT NOW by marking the box for each statement that is true; then ADD UP YOUR POINTS to see if you end up on the winners’ podium.

Our heating system is less than 15 years old

Why It Matters: If you didn’t check this box, consider replacing your heating system soon; the performance and reliability of heating equipment typically deteriorates after 15 years (sooner if maintenance has been neglected). At minimum, a new system should help you save up to 20% on your annual heating costs. (If you significantly improve system efficiency, savings can be even higher.) You’ll feel the difference in comfort too. You’ll also save on repairs because you’ll minimize the potential of a system breakdown, a common problem with old systems.

Finish Line: A family that spends $3,000 per year to heat their home and reduces their annual costs by 20% save $600. If the new system costs $3,000 the payback time on a system investment takes only five years.*

For illustrative purposes only; energy savings and equipment costs vary.

We have regular preventative maintenance done on our system

Why It Matters: When your heating system gets inspected, cleaned, and adjusted annually—ideally in the spring or summer—fuel efficiency improves, saving you as much as 10% on your annual fuel bills.

Finish Line: The money you save on fuel easily covers the cost of getting your system serviced. Regular checkups fend off inconvenient breakdowns and costly repairs, and extend equipment life.

We have a high-efficiency water heater

Why It Matters: When you have an oil-fired or propane-fired water heater, you not only get all of the hot water you need, you get it for about half as much as you would if you heated your water with electricity.

Finish Line: One great option is a tankless water heater, an on-demand system that stops heating water when you turn off your hot water faucets. Tankless water heaters are up to 50% more efficient than standard water heaters.

Our home is properly insulated

Why It Matters: Air leaks are like a broken window! The average house loses as much cool or warm air through leaks in walls, attics, and other areas as if its owner neglected to repair a broken window.

Finish Line: Proper insulation and air sealing can “fix” that window, reduce energy costs by up to 20%, and make a home more comfortable.

We have a propane fireplace

Why It Matters: It heats a room more evenly and efficiently than a wood-burning fireplace because as much as 90% of the heat produced by wood goes straight up the chimney.

Finish Line: Propane gives you more control over your fire and you’ll do less work too, thanks to remote controls, variable heat controls, thermostats and push-button ignitions. You can also install natural-looking log sets, complete with glowing, crackling embers, and high flickering flames.

We have banished electrical vampires

Why It Matters: Equipment and appliances that keep using power even when turned off are sometimes called vampires—because they constantly suck energy. Electrical vampires include everything from computers, printers, and wireless routers to microwaves, coffeemakers, and more.

Finish Line: If you’ve been unplugging equipment when not in use, you’re conserving electricity by as much as 10%. If everyone banished electrical vampires, nearly $6 billion would be saved and 87 billion pounds of carbon dioxide emissions would be eliminated every year.


1. 76-100 points: You win a gold medal. You have reached Olympian levels of efficiency!
2. 51-75 points: You win a silver medal. There are more ways to save, but you’re doing well!
3. 26-50 points: You win a bronze medal. Keep looking for ways to save on energy!

Upgrading an older heating system leads to greater savings

If your heating system is older, this is an ideal time of year to weigh your options and decide if you want to replace it.

Here are some points to consider:

If you have been keeping your fingers crossed and hoping your boiler or furnace gets through another winter, it’s time to put those worries to rest. Please call or email us and ask us for a no-obligation heating system estimate.

If you decide to proceed, you can rest assured that you will have the area’s most skilled, professional installation team at your home and on your side.

Propane uses

If you’re not ready to convert your heating system to propane, remember that you can use propane in so many other ways. It’s the most versatile fuel around! Besides a heating system, propane can be used to fuel a:

Please contact us to learn more.

Propane lowers heating costs

If you’re tired of high heating oil prices, talk with us about converting to a high-efficiency propane heating system.

Our records show that on average, Wilson customers have reduced their monthly payments by 34% after switching to propane. This is based on 800 gallons of annual usage, along with having a service agreement in place, which covers your tune-up and protects you against high repair bills.

Propane simply costs less than oil. At the end of the heating season last spring, the price of propane was about $1.50 per gallon lower than heating oil!*

What’s more, it’s projected that propane prices will stay lower than oil in the future.

Converting to propane also gives you the option of running your water heater, stove and many other appliances on propane instead of electricity. This will lower your energy costs even further.

Talk to us and we’ll tell you if it makes sense to switch. If you decide to convert to propane, we can handle all aspects of the job. Please contact us today to learn more.

*Source: Energy Information Administration