David O'Connell

We’ve grown a great deal over the decades since our founding in 1926 as a coal supplier for families and businesses. (We quickly expanded into heating oil five years later).

Today, 90 years later, we have evolved into a total home energy company. Besides providing you with reliable oil and propane deliveries, we can help you with a full range of maintenance and repair services to ensure that your equipment runs at peak efficiency. We offer money-saving service plans that include tune-ups, protect you from unexpected repair costs and guarantee you 24/7 emergency service. We also have experts on staff who perform Home Performance Evaluations which show you all the smart ways you can make your home healthy, comfortable and energy efficient.

When it’s time to replace your heating or cooling equipment, our home comfort specialists can show you how the newest high-efficiency systems can keep your home more comfortable while reducing your energy costs over the long term. From furnaces and boilers to heat pumps and water heaters as well as air conditioning and indoor air quality systems, we can answer your questions and help you choose the best equipment for your needs.

If you own or manage a business, we’re also ready and willing to help, including substantially cutting your fuel costs by converting your diesel- or gasoline-powered equipment to propane-based AutoGas. Use our savings calculator to determine the potential fuel savings for your business.

These are just a few examples. All of this is done with an eye toward taking the best care of you. None of it happens without a great team of committed employees. They are the heart of our company, and the reason you can always feel confident in the products and services we provide for you. (Read about the newest member of our team, Stephanie Saddington.)

I look forward to seeing you around town in 2016 and having Wilson Oil and Propane continue to provide you with the great service you have come to expect from us.

David O’Connell.

Propane Safety

All propane appliances must be properly maintained to operate safely and efficiently. That’s why we recommend an appliance inspection by our service technician once a year. In between this time, here are a few safety tips to keep in mind, courtesy of the Propane Education and Research Council:

If you have any questions or concerns about your propane appliances, please contact us and we will be glad to help. You can read more propane safety tips here.

Indoor Air Quality

Indoor humidity levels drop when your heating system runs more frequently to keep you warm. When cold air from the outside infiltrates your home, (often because of poor air sealing and insulation), the furnace heats this air. This in turn reduces the relative humidity of the air in your home to uncomfortable levels. (That’s why your skin feels so dry in the winter!)

Low humidity inside your home is not only uncomfortable, it can cause other problems as well. For example, air that’s too dry can make you more susceptible to colds and other illnesses. (Research has shown that certain bacteria and viruses grow better in dry environments.)

Dry air is also bad for your home, especially if you have wooden floors or a lot of wood trim.

Here’s one solution for you—install a whole-house humidifier, which will create a healthier and more comfortable environment in your home. As a bonus, when the humidity level goes up, you’ll feel warmer at a lower thermostat setting, and that means you’ll save money on your heating bill.

An even better solution is to ask us to do a Home Performance Evaluation to eliminate low huimidty levels as well as other common indoor air quality problems.

Call or email us today to request an appointment with one of our indoor air quality experts.

Stephanie Saddington

Many of you may already know Stephanie Saddington—or at least recognize her voice. Stephanie joined our team of friendly customer service representatives in September and really hit the ground running.

“I’ve worked in customer service before and I was excited to join Wilson Oil and Propane because it was a perfect fit for me.”

Stephanie says she enjoys working with a team of professionals who are focused on providing the best service possible to customers.

“My goal is to always end a conversation on a happy note,” she says. “This is an interesting job because you can never predict what’s going to happen from day to day, especially when the weather gets bad. When that happens, you really have to be calm and organized because the phone never seems to stop ringing with requests for service.”

Away from work, Stephanie enjoys outdoor activities like hunting and camping. She also makes regular treks to visit her brother, who owns a 20-acre apple and peach orchard in Bucks County.

Duct Work Sales - Aeroseal

Introductory offer for our new Aeroseal service!

Did you know that up to 40% of heated or cooled air in a typical home can get lost through the ductwork?* That’s like having money fly out the window!

Wilson Oil and Propane can help you correct this problem, which will significantly reduce your energy bills while improving your comfort.

To give you the best results, we now use Aeroseal to repair leaky ducts from the inside. An award-winning breakthrough technology uses high pressure to send this nontoxic aerosol sealant throughout your duct system. It’s a safe, long-lasting treatment, and there’s no need to open up walls to access your ducts.

Watch the AeroSeal Video to Learn More

The result: improved comfort levels in every room of your home, lower energy costs and cleaner indoor air. From now through June 30th, save 10% on our AeroSeal Service! Contact us if you would like us to evaluate your ducts for leakage and to learn more how the Aeroseal process works.

*Source: U.S. Department of Energy.

Billing Statement

For those of you enrolled in our monthly payment plan, you’ve probably noticed that we have updated and improved our monthly statements/invoices. The new color background makes them easier to read and they have been restructured so we can include important information and messages.

We’re always looking to improve and make things a little easier for our customers. If you have any questions about the new statements, just give our office a call or email us.

Home Comfort Blog

Every week, we post a new blog on our home page. Our goal is to keep you informed about a range of issues that affect your home comfort and wallet, including energy-saving and trouble-shooting tips, updates on energy prices, new technology, how “stuff works” home comfort trends and so much more.

Visiting our blog page is also an easy way to stay current on our equipment promotions, special offers, current rebates and community events. events. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook too for additional news!

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