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A national survey recently revealed that the number one indoor air quality (IAQ) concern for homeowners was excessive dust.* The presence of airborne allergens, viruses/bacteria and mold/mildew also caused worry.

In most cases, all of these problems can be traced to leaky ductwork. If you have a leak, your return ductwork, which takes the air inside your home back to your heating or cooling system, will draw air from places like garages, attics and crawl spaces. This can result in:

We can inspect your duct system to identify problem areas and seal leaks with our Aeroseal process. Besides significant energy savings, you’ll be more comfortable. Well-sealed ductwork reduces allergens by ensuring that all conditioned air passes through filters. Sealed ducts also improve air circulation so temperatures are more even. Uneven temperatures are the most common complaint in homes where there are significant duct leaks!

David O’Connell

* Decision Analyst, 2013 American Home Comfort Study

Brushing teeth

Some customers ask us if they should get an A/C system tune-up every year, or just every couple of years.

That’s like asking whether you should brush your teeth every day or every other day. Every equipment manufacturer requires regular maintenance to keep warranties valid. It’s that important.

Regular tune-ups prevent a wide range of problems that can lead to breakdowns and expensive repairs. Tune-ups keep your cooling system operating at peak efficiency, which helps you save on electric costs. If you have our Air Conditioning Service Plan, your tune-up is already paid for.

Please call or email us today to request your tune-up.

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Wilson Oil and Propane is an authorized Aeroseal dealer. This award-winning duct-sealing technology is considered to be the premier method available today!

Sealing your ductwork can save up to 30% on your energy bills. We’ve sealed leaks that were the equivalent of a 28-inchsquare hole and reduced duct leakage by as much as 97%!

The Aeroseal process, which is completely nontoxic, usually takes less than one day to complete and provides you with a “Certificate of Completion” that illustrates the before and after results.

Get your Aeroseal service done and save $200.

If you are interested in making your home more comfortable, providing a healthier environment for your family or permanently saving money on your energy bills, please complete the Comfort Survey here and submit it to us. Be sure to read the case studies on there as well.

We're the people you can trust

We know you want more than just the best price or the top brand name — you want the best people and the best company to install these products and keep them working properly.

Anyone can open a store or create a website to sell you the “latest and greatest” home comfort products. But not everyone can guarantee you the kind of professional installation and ongoing maintenance that will keep you enjoying both optimum comfort and value for years to come.

We hope you will take advantage of our expertise, which in the long run will save you time, money and stress.

Replace your old system

On average, you can save 25% on your annual fuel costs when you invest in a replacement system. You’ll also increase your comfort and virtually eliminate the worry and expense of breakdowns.

We can also help you take advantage of a range of moneysaving special offers and rebates through our preferred manufacturers, local utilities — even a federal tax credit of up to $500.

We’ll get everything installed and running perfectly — usually in just a day or two. Contact us today to request a free estimate.

Service team

We polled our service team to determine the biggest mistakes they have seen people make with their central A/C. Here is what they have witnessed over the years.

  1. Overspending on efficiency. Sometimes it makes sense to spend extra for an ultra-high efficiency system. Sometimes it is not worth the cost. It depends on your total energy use and the trade-off between up-front cost and savings.
  2. Choosing the wrong contractor. It’s not the equipment, but the quality of the installation that makes the biggest difference. You can invest in the best system in the world, but if your contractor installs it improperly, you will not get the comfort and savings you paid for. What’s more, it can be a nightmare trying to get them to stand behind what they sell.
  3. Not understanding all the options. Today, there are lots of ways to get the ideal system for your home. Wilson Oil and Propane is large enough to give you lots of different options for your budget and physical space. If you have more choices and good guidance, you are much more likely to live “comfortably ever after.”