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We believe propane is an economically and environmentally smart alternative to a variety of fuels, and to prove it, we’ve converted our fleet of service vehicles to run on Propane Autogas, a propane-based motor fuel that produces far fewer emissions — 20% less carbon monoxide, 40% less nitrogen oxide and 10% less carbon dioxide — than gasoline. It also costs as much as $1.50 less per gallon than gasoline.

Propane Autogas

Propane Autogas can be used for taxis, delivery trucks, maintenance and landscaping vans, lawn mowers, ambulances, police cars and much more. If you or someone you know has a fleet of vehicles, we offer a full range of Propane Autogas services, including fuel supply and conversion assistance. We’d love to show you how your business or municipality can save money on fuel and be more environmentally friendly.

Our commitment to Propane Autogas is just one example of our primary mission to provide value for your fuel dollars. For more information about the many ways we can help you, please visit contact us

David O’Connell

Ugliest Heating System Contest

Do you have a really ugly heating system?

Send us a picture by June 30, 2014, so we can see it!

If our panel of judges agrees that you have the ugliest system around, we will remove the offending equipment and replace it with a beautiful, new high-efficiency system — for FREE!*

To enter, go to our Facebook page and upload your photo. If you’re not on Facebook, you can send us your photo through standard mail. Please include your name, address and phone number.

We’ll announce the winner in an upcoming newsletter.

*Price of system and installation costs not to exceed $6,500. Other conditions may apply. Contact us for details.

2014 Pick 5 Challenge

Thanks to everyone who came out to provide their support to the third annual Fueled Up & Fired Up Pick 5 Challenge to benefit the Nether Providence First Responders and Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

The event drew more than 300 participants and raised over $18,000, which was $7,000 more than was raised last year. Since Wilson’s involvement in this event, over $40,000 has been raised — plus an additional $15,000 just for Komen from our Pink Truck Campaign. The event included a silent auction, more than $10,000 worth of raffle items and food for everyone!

Nether Providence Township First Responders include our police force and the volunteer fire companies of South Media and Garden City. Proceeds from the race will pay for training, replacement equipment and emergency repairs.

Susan G. Komen for the Cure is the world’s largest source of nonprofit funds dedicated to fighting breast cancer.

Propane Indoor Comfort

Propane and heating oil are safe and efficient home heating fuels that provide superior comfort. As your dual – fuel dealer, we can offer you expertise and advice about both.

Propane for Year-round Comfort

Affordable Indoor Comfort

Most people know that propane is a clean-burning and cost-effective fuel source. So why not save money by converting more of your appliances to propane?

Take the Kitchen Outside

Propane Outdoor Living

No other fuel can do as much as propane can to make lounging in your backyard a pleasant experience. And thanks to modern advances in flexible piping, you can now extend your use of propane to a wide range of outdoor products, even refrigerators and fireplaces!

Among the most popular trends are “outdoor rooms,” particularly kitchens that feature everything from high-end grills and cooktops to ovens and rotisseries. Outdoor kitchens can be fueled either by a portable cylinder or, for more convenience, through a connection to your home’s main storage tank.

Did You Know?

See how much you know about propane

Source: Propane Education and Research Council

Oil Heat for Reliability and Efficiency

Six Reasons Why Oil Heat is a Good Bet

Technology has brought great improvements in efficiency, reducing annual fuel consumption by 40% and saving customers a lot of money on fuel. Because new systems burn cleanly and don’t need as much fuel, they’re better for the environment. Things will improve even more in the years ahead.

Oil is clean-burning! Residential oil burners produce less than one-third of one percent (.003) of total particulate emissions in the U.S. The total emissions from an oil heating system are about the same as those from a similar-size natural gas burner.

  1. Greener Fuel

    There is continued movement toward using ultra-low-sulfur heating oil with biofuel. This is a clean-burning fuel that produces fewer carbon emissions than natural gas, which has become more of a carbon producer due to the growing use of liquefied natural gas. Meanwhile, methane leaks from natural gas remain an environmental concern.

  2. Clean-burning Technologies

    Modern oil burners emit near-zero levels of pollution; heating with oil today means no odors, soot or other residue in your home. Widespread use of ultra-low-sulfur diesel, combined with cutting-edge emissions-control technologies, can reduce already low emissions even further.

  3. Fuel Conservation Technologies

    Today’s high-efficiency oil heat systems not only save a lot money, they also help the environment because less fuel is used.

  4. High-tech Hybrids

    Solar and geothermal energies are being integrated with oil heat in hybrid systems for water heating. That means a household’s water can be heated with little or no fuel required. A solar water heater can reduce water heating bills by as much as 80% and reduce annual carbon dioxide emissions by 6,000 lbs.*

    *U.S. Department of Energy

  5. Abundant Supply

    Experts believe that today, there are at least 5 trillion barrels of world petroleum resources. To put that in perspective, the world has produced about 1 trillion barrels of oil since the start of the oil industry in the mid-1800s. Not only isn’t the world running out of oil anytime soon, estimates for the global stock of oil keep growing.

  6. Service that Can’t Be Beat

    You can always expect a fast and courteous response from us whenever you need help. We think that’s one of the most important differences between utility companies and local fuel dealers like us. Utilities have been conditioned to think more about numbers than people, in large part because they are monopolies that are more focused on financial and operational aspects than on customer service. In this respect, they are the opposite of local fuel oil dealers. Who would you rather call when you have a heating emergency?

Carrier Cooling System Incentives

Take advantage of these special incentives and save up to $2,050:

We’ll help you choose the right system and install it properly — usually in just a day. Contact us today!

Propane Autogas Lawn Mower

Converting a fleet of lawn mowers to run on Propane Autogas instead of gasoline can save businesses 30% to 50% on fuel costs.

Wilson Oil and Propane is working with Burkholder Brothers Landscaping in Aston and Excel Landscaping in Prospect Park to make the switch, converting their mowers to run on clean, efficient Propane Autogas. Both companies have taken advantage of a $5,000 grant from the Propane Education and Research Council, and we are setting them up with storage tanks for their Propane Autogas deliveries.

“We expect to save about $7,000 per year in fuel costs. The conversion should pay for itself in just 18 months,” says Brian Lawler, Burkholder’s Operations Manager. “Wilson has been great to work with — they helped facilitate a smooth conversion to Propane Autogas.

“We’re one of the first companies in the region to make the conversion,” says Lawler. “In addition to the savings, the green aspect is a great selling point with our customers.”

Excel Landscaping recently purchased five new propane mowers. “We’ve had a long-term business relationship with Wilson Oil & Propane, and that’s why we trusted them to do the conversion for us,” says Buddy Caton, owner of Excel Landscaping. “We’ll probably save $20 on fuel per mower every day now. Those savings are really going to add up.”

If you’re interested in converting your commercial lawn mowers to Propane Autogas, and use our online calculator to see how much your business can save!

We encourage you to use these environmentally conscious landscapers:

Burkholder Brothers Landscaping: 610-558-2678
Excel Landscaping: 610-586-2306

Gerald Kuller, comfort consultant

Although Gerald Kuller only became a full-time employee at Wilson in October, he’s been friends with David O’Connell his whole life. He has worked in the HVAC industry for more than 18 years.

After a number of years working for a 250-employee mega company in Texas, Gerald jumped at the chance to join his old friend and move back closer to family.

“I’m really happy to be working with a family-owned and -operated business,” he says.

As a comfort consultant, he works with residential and light commercial customers to help them assess their needs with an eye to improved comfort and energy efficiency.

In his spare time, Gerald loves the outdoors. “I love horseback riding, fishing, hunting and camping,” he says.