Propane Generators Protect Your Home And Family

Posted: March 8, 2021

The fragile electric infrastructure in this country has failed us time and again, causing massive disruption, frustration, and discomfort. We’ve all followed the tragic, widespread energy disaster that occurred recently in Texas. And we’ve all experienced a number of uncomfortable power outages in our own area over the years.

While some people keep gasoline-powered portable generators in their garage for power outage emergencies, these units have the capacity to deliver only a limited amount of power. They can also be dangerous if not vented properly.

What Do Generators Protect?

On the other hand, a whole-house backup propane generator installed by Wilson Oil and Propane allows you to enjoy all the comforts of home when power is disrupted.

With a propane-powered standby generator, your power will restart automatically within seconds after an outage, and it will stay on until power is restored – all without the hassles or carbon monoxide dangers that come with using portable gasoline generators.

Wilson’s generator technicians are thoroughly familiar with all installation protocols, and this goes hand in hand with our unequalled experience as propane suppliers. With a licensed electrician on our team, we will connect your new generator directly to your home’s power supply, so if the power ever does go out, your power will be back on in less than a minute.

Bottom line: severe weather power outages are dangerous, and they happen all year long. Protect your home and family with an emergency generator, professionally installed by Wilson Oil and Propane. Contact us today for more information. You can read more about generators and our installation services here.