Time to Transition into Fall

Autumn leaf

Posted: September 7, 2018

Now that Labor Day is in our rear view mirror, it’s time to look ahead and start preparing for the heating season that will be here before we know it in the Delaware Valley.

That means scheduling a heating system tune-up on your oil heating system and/or arranging for a propane gas safety check for your gas appliances.

Regular maintenance is a critical money-saving investment for heating systems– not just because it can keep your equipment running safely and at peak efficiency, but also because four out of five heating system breakdowns are preventable if you follow the manufacturer’s maintenance recommendations.

Just like you, your heating system needs regular check-ups not only to stay healthy, but also to spot minor issues before they become big problems (worn parts, a burner that needs adjustment, etc.) And just like you, problems tend to manifest during times of stress—such as when your furnace is trying to ward off single-digit temperatures in January.

That’s why it’s important to schedule an annual heating system tune-up with an expert Wilson Oil and Propane technician now, before heating season begins in earnest. Like a good detective, our technician will spot issues that could rob your system of performance and bring it to a grinding halt. Thanks to his inspection, he can fix problems before the rush for heating system service begins – or, if needed, help you choose and install a new high efficiency heating system so you can enjoy lower heating bills and a warmer home all season long.

So please put this on your Fall to-do list: contact Wilson Oil and Propane soon to schedule your heating system tune-up and enjoy a worry-free fall and winter.

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