Seal Your Air Ducts And Save Up To 30%

Posted: May 10, 2021

Properly functioning air ducts are critical in keeping your home comfortable and your energy costs under control. As you probably know, your furnace or air conditioning system pushes heated or cooled air through the air ducts and then through the air vents or registers in your home.

It sounds simple enough– as long as your duct system is clean and in good condition. However, if ductwork leaks out air, harmful pollutants can get distributed through your home. Besides causing poor indoor air quality, ductwork that’s in disrepair will lower the efficiency of your heating and cooling systems, increasing your energy costs by as much as 30%. Your home will also not be as comfortable as it should be.

The Aeroseal Solution

At Wilson Oil and Propane, we have a proven to repair leaky ductwork: Aeroseal duct sealing.

The Aeroseal process is designed to seal the leaks in your duct system—even the ones hidden behind walls and under your home’s insulation (which can account for around 90% of your ductwork).

Aeroseal has been used in thousands of homes, schools, hospitals, and government installations throughout the country and the world. The process usually takes less than one day to complete and provides you with a “Certificate of Completion” that illustrates the before and after results.

How You Benefit

Once your ducts are properly sealed, you will save more than just money on energy costs. You will also improve:

By sealing your ducts, you will also reduce the amount of energy needed to heat or cool your home–and the emissions that come from generating that energy.

Wilson Oil and Propane is an authorized dealer for Aeroseal duct sealing — the technology that’s considered by most experts to be the premier method for sealing ducts available today! Please take our brief Comfort Survey so we can learn a little more about any problems you may be having.

We will then contact you and arrange for a FREE duct leakage inspection before scheduling your duct sealing service. During our home performance evaluation, we pressure test your ductwork to calculate duct leakage. We can then tackle those leaks with Aeroseal and close the leaks that we can’t even see! On average, we’ve been able to reduce air leakage by up to 90% through the Aeroseal process. The Aeroseal product is entirely non-toxic and comes with a 10-year warranty.

If you have further questions about Aeroseal, please contact us.