Pets and Your HVAC System: Not Always Perfect Together

Pets and HVAC

Posted: August 23, 2019

Anyone with pets knows how much joy they can bring to your life. They will greet you warmly when you return home, provide great company and always give you their unconditional love.

But, for as much as we love them, we know they can also cause a few pesky problems, such as bringing dander, dirt, fur and other impurities into your home. If this debris is left to build up, it can reduce the efficiency of your HVAC system and lower the quality of your indoor air. Besides keeping your pets well-groomed, here are a few things you can do.

Check your HVAC filter often. One of the most important things you can do for your home heating and cooling systems – whether or not you have pets – is to change or clean the HVAC air filter regularly. If you have pets, or if someone in your home has asthma or another chronic respiratory condition, be sure to check your filters a minimum of once per month, and consider using more effective HEPA air filters instead of standard ones.

Keep your home clean. The best way to keep pet dander and fur from clogging your HVAC air filter (and eventually getting into your ductwork) is to clean your home regularly. Vacuum your carpeting weekly. You should wash bedding regularly and vacuum upholstered furniture every time you vacuum the floor too. If you have a “doggie door,” make sure it is properly sealed to keep dust, dirt and pollen outside.

Clean your vent covers and ductwork. When dust and pet dander get in your HVAC ductwork, it gets recirculated back into your home every time your home heating or A/C system’s blower is on. Don’t forget to clean your vent gratings and consider having your ductwork professionally cleaned every few years.

Maintain your HVAC system with Wilson Oil and Propane. Keep your home’s furnace and air conditioning system in good condition to make sure it can stand up to all the challenges your pets bring into the home. Regular maintenance from the experts at Wilson Oil and Propane will keep your equipment running at its best, saving you money and preventing potentially costly HVAC repairs.

Find out more about how Wilson’s HVAC services can help keep your home system running smoothly. Learn more about our maintenance and repair services here, and check out our indoor air quality page for further air cleaning solutions.