Our Service Fleet Gets Even Greener with Propane Autogas

Eco-friendly vehicle

Posted: August 21, 2017

Did you know that propane is the third most popular vehicle fuel in the United States, after gasoline and diesel? Today there are nearly 200,000 propane-autogas-powered vehicles in the country.

Wilson is continuing its commitment to a cleaner, greener fleet with the addition of autogas-powered vehicles. Thanks to an Alternative Fuels Incentive Grant, we recently purchased one new Ford Explorer and one new service van.

Wilson was one of 17 awardees of the grant, given to Pennsylvania schools, businesses and municipalities. With the exception of two service vans, 90% of our service fleet now runs on propane-based autogas.

Funds were awarded earlier this year by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). The primary goals of the Alternative Fuels Incentive Grant Program are to improve Pennsylvania’s air quality and reduce consumption of imported oil through the use of alternative fuels that will help the Commonwealth’s economy and environment. DEP accepts applications for innovative, advanced fuel and vehicle technology projects resulting in a cleaner and greener transportation sector within the Commonwealth.

Autogas is just one more use for propane, which has proven to be one of the world’s most versatile fuels. Read more about AutoGas.