Our Commitment to Full Service Keeps You Comfortable In Many Ways


Posted: March 30, 2018

We saw it again this winter. Every time temperatures plummet, our office gets flooded with calls from people who do business with discount fuel companies. These folks thought they could have it both ways—save money on heating fuel without putting their comfort at risk. But then, when winter shows its wrath, they discover their discount company isn’t even answering the phone, can’t make a delivery for a week, or can’t send out a subcontractor make an emergency repair.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with shopping for low prices, but sometimes choosing a product or service on price alone can be a big mistake.

When you buy heating oil or propane, it’s important to consider more than price. You need to be able to depend on the fuel company, so it’s smart to choose a full-service company that has shown it can keep you and your family warm and safe—like Wilson Oil and Propane has been doing for 91 years.

What causes changes in the prices of heating oil?

The largest component of the price you pay for heating oil is the prevailing cost of the fuel itself. The next biggest component is the cost of compensation, benefits and training for our extraordinary employees, including professional drivers who not only deliver fuel but respect your property, certified technicians who will leave their families in the middle of the night so they can help your family, and courteous staff who get a technician to your home as quickly as possible in an emergency.

You can almost always save a few dollars on a delivery that’s tied to a below-market “teaser” price for fuel. But you’ll soon be back to regular prices, which may be higher than what you had paying before switching.

And here is the key point to always remember: what happens when you lose heat during the coldest time of the year—like this past January. Will your fuel dealer be there to help your family get feel warm again?

We hope you agree that paying a little extra for heating fuel is worth the confidence that our drivers, technicians, and office staff will be available when you need help. It’s a big part of the Wilson Difference.