Is Your A/C System Leaking Refrigerant?

Posted: July 4, 2022

This Is an Expensive Problem If You Have R-22

Do you feel warm air blowing from your vents when your air conditioning system is operating? Have you noticed frost or ice forming on your outside central air conditioner lines?

These are classic signs that an A/C unit may be low on refrigerant. If the refrigerant level is low, that means it’s slowly leaking out of your system. And that’s an expensive problem if you have an older system. Here’s why.

Refrigerant is what your system uses to transfer heat from inside your home to the outdoor compressor. R22, the main refrigerant used in older A/C systems, has been replaced with a refrigerant called R-410A that is not harmful to the ozone layer.

Because of this, adding R22 to your system has become a tremendous hassle. First, it’s very hard to find this obsolete refrigerant because it’s not being manufactured any longer. As the supply of this outdated product continues to dwindle, its price becomes more and more expensive.

Why Does My A/C Refrigerant Leak?

The outdoor portion of your cooling system experiences wear and tear from the elements, which eventually results in a leak. Often, refrigerant leaks are not easy to detect (as you would be able to do with a water leak). When we do our annual tune-up and inspection, our cooling technician will always check the level of refrigerant to be sure your system will perform properly throughout the summer.

Sensing Other A/C Problems

Besides a refrigerant leak, there are a lot of other problems that can cause your A/C system to perform poorly. Most problems are accompanied by something you either see, hear, smell or feel.

If you notice any of the AC symptoms outlined below, please contact us. Ignoring the problem can only lead to more severe damage—and a more expensive repair.

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