How Does an Air Conditioning System Work?

Posted: July 18, 2022

The Magic of Creating Cool Air

Most people think that their central air conditioning system just delivers cool air into the home, but, in fact, it does double duty. To keep your home comfortable, it also needs to pull the heat out of the home too. Here’s how it all happens.

These are just the basic principles. The process is a little more complicated than that – which is why you need a professional cooling technician to service your home A/C unit every year to make sure your equipment keeps working properly.

When Should I Replace My Air Conditioner?

If you think you’re spending too much money on repairs or your electric costs keep climbing every summer, consider replacing your central cooling system. The performance and reliability of central air equipment typically deteriorate after 15 years (sooner if maintenance has been neglected).

Over time, federal energy requirements have led to major improvements in residential air conditioning equipment. The result: dramatically higher efficiency ratings, much lower energy costs, and minimal need for repairs. New cooling equipment also uses environmentally friendly refrigerant instead of the harmful and expensive R-22, which is no longer being manufactured.

Our air conditioning experts can perform a complete comfort analysis of your home, talk with you about your needs—and your budget—and help you choose the right size and type of system. We’ll then install it properly to ensure that your new system keeps your home more comfortable and costs less to operate than your old one.

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