Do You Have A Propane Generator?

Do You Have a Propane Generator?

Posted: September 28, 2020

Increasingly, power outages have become all too common for folks in many parts of the country, including Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. From deep freezes and ice storms in winter to severe thunderstorms and hurricane in the summer and fall, extreme weather and power outages cause a lot of worry year-round.

A recent example occurred in early August, when Hurricane Isaias made landfall in North Carolina and barreled all the way up the East Coast, In its aftermath, almost three million customers were left without power in the region

A backup whole-house propane generator can take away your worries. When the power lines go down, your generator turns on automatically to keep your lights on, your appliances running and heat or A/C operating until the utility company can make repairs.

A whole house propane generator is a permanent fixture connected to your home’s electrical system with its own fuel source. Basically, it looks like a central air conditioning unit with a cap on it.

The generator is designed to start automatically when you lose power–usually between 10-30 seconds after an outage. When utility power is restored, the generator will shut itself down. All of this happens whether or not you’re at home.

With a propane-powered standby generator, when used properly, you won’t have all the hassles or carbon monoxide dangers that come with using portable gasoline generators.

Three important reasons to have a generator

  1. Family health. If anyone in your family relies on electricity for medical equipment, a back-up generator truly is a must have. It will also keep your A/C and indoor air quality equipment running on hot and humid summer nights, and your heating systems running when it’s dangerously cold.
  2. Property. A whole house generator won’t only keep your lights on, it will also keep your sump pump working to prevent flood damage and keep your pipes from freezing in the winter.
  3. Valuables. A back-up generator will keep home security systems up and running to protect your possessions, and your refrigerators and freezers on to keep food preserved.

If you already have a generator, make sure you have enough fuel to run it and keep it running properly with regular maintenance service.

Bottom line: severe weather power outages are dangerous, and they happen all year long. Protect your home and family with an emergency generator, professionally installed by Wilson Oil and Propane. Contact us today for a FREE estimate. Read more about generators.