Benefits of Building a Home with Propane

Posted: March 6, 2023

What Propane Appliances Can I Use in My Home?

Propane is an ideal option to power homes in the Delaware Valley. It’s a clean-burning, versatile and highly efficient fuel that provides a long list of benefits for homeowners.

Many people, however, may choose an all-electric home because they view it as the “cleanest” energy choice. But, unless your electricity is completely generated from a renewable source like wind, solar, or hydropower (instead of coal or natural gas), that’s simply not true. Read about propane and the environment.

After you let your home builder know that you prefer an all-propane home, Propane professionals can install properly sized propane storage tanks and then connect multiple propane gas appliances.

Storage tanks can be placed aboveground or buried underground, and large community propane systems can even be designed to fuel an entire development. Propane also provides jobsite flexibility by providing energy for portable generators and temporary heaters while construction is on-going.

You can also let your builder know that there is a current Propane Construction Incentive Program that can provide up to a $1,500 reward for the construction of propane homes in 2023. Read more about building homes with propane then see how we can help builders who use propane.

What Propane Appliances Can I Use in My Home?

Here’s a look at just some of the propane gas appliances and other propane-powered equipment you can use inside your newly built Delaware Valley home.

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