Are Tankless Water Heaters Worth It?

Posted: June 17, 2024

Offset Installation Cost with Energy Savings

Not all water heaters need to store hot water! Some water heaters simply heat water on-demand, accessing water directly from a water pipe in your home. These types of units are called tankless water heaters.

Generally fueled by propane, a tankless water heater is a great way to lower your energy bills while making the process of heating water much more efficient.
Tankless water heaters take up such a small space that you will be able to reclaim all that square footage your old electric or propane storage tank water heater was taking up. Most tankless units hang on a wall and are about the size of a small suitcase. They will also last about twice as long as a standard storage tank water heater.

Here’s how they work. When you turn on your hot water faucets or an appliance like a dishwasher, water is circulated through the tankless unit’s heat exchanger and delivered on-demand.

Your water heating efficiency will improve up to 40% and you’ll have access to a virtually unlimited supply of hot water. You won’t have to worry anymore about your hot water tank draining and having to refill and reheat. You can look forward to plenty of long, hot showers after we install a propane tankless water heater for you!

8 Propane Tankless Water Heater Benefits

Tankless water heaters are an affordable choice for energy savings. It’s a great alternative to a traditional storage tank water heater, which constantly uses energy to heat and reheat water. But standby heat loss wastes a lot of energy. And, since going green is very important to many homeowners, a tankless heater is a fantastic investment. Tankless units allow you to easily reduce waste and make your home more energy-efficient while adding to its value as well.
Heat as much water as you need without paying to keep it stored. With a tankless model you benefit from a constant supply. Simply turn on the hot water faucet!

  1. Tankless water heaters deliver a virtually endless supply of water.
  2. Their compact size saves roughly 12 square feet of floor space.
  3. These systems are on-demand, so they heat water only when it’s needed. That feature ends standby losses that occur in systems with hot water storage tanks like the typical electric storage tank water heater.
  4. On average, they save about $150 per year in energy costs compared with typical electric storage water heaters.
  5. They generate 50-60% lower CO2 emissions compared with electric water storage tank systems.
  6. Many propane tankless systems qualify for rebates, which can make them even more cost-effective.
  7. Unlike storage tank water heaters, you won’t have to worry about gallons of water spilling into your home if a leak occurs.
  8. Because the air supply and exhaust vents of a tankless water heater are sealed, carbon monoxide gas can’t leak into your home because of a back-drafting issue.

Propane Tankless Water Heater Cost

Prices can range from a few hundred dollars for small gas-fired units to more than $2,000 for high-output tankless heaters that can supply two showers at the same time, but on average, the cost is about $1,000 per unit.

But keep in mind that propane gas-burning tankless water heaters should run for 20 years or more. That’s two or three times longer than most storage tank water heaters as well as electric tankless water heaters.

If you get the average energy savings of $150 per year, these savings should pay for your investment in a tankless water heater in about six or seven years. After that, you can pocket all of the savings on heating the water in your home.

Water Heater Installation in Southeast Pennsylvania

You can have confidence that the certified and experienced Wilson Oil and Propane technician who arrives at your home to do your new water heater installation has been thoroughly trained to do the job. We install all types of water heaters throughout the year, so not only does our team have experience but we know how to handle any situation that might arise in a typical installation job.

Every water heater we install is covered by a manufacturer’s warranty, and we stand behind our installations with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Whether you want to replace your old water heater now or simply want to learn more for future reference, reach out to us and one of our water heater equipment experts will be happy to help.

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