7 Benefits of Propane Power

Propane fireplace flames

Posted: January 14, 2019

If you use propane to heat your home, you probably know about its efficiency and clean burning properties. But did you know it could power just about any appliance in your home – and that the more propane appliances you have, the better a deal it becomes for you?

Here are seven propane benefits that could just make life better for your family in the months and years to come:

  1. More hot water for less – Propane water heaters have much faster recovery rate than electric models, which means your water will heat faster—and at a much lower cost.
  2. Faster clothes-drying for less – A propane clothes dryer dries clothes faster and costs less much less to operate than an electric dryer – while also being gentler on fabrics.
  3. Greater protection for you family and property – Power outages can be inconvenient at best and dangerous at worst; they can even create health risks for your family. A whole-house propane generator will keep your sump pump, security systems, refrigerators, and heating/cooling systems running when the grid goes down.
  4. A longer outdoor season – Propane can turn your outdoor space into your family’s favorite room – complete with a propane-powered kitchen, hearth, and gaslights. Add a propane pool heater and propane space heaters and you’ll extend your outdoor season by a month or more.
  5. More money in your pocket – Because propane burns so hot and so efficiently, most propane appliances – from furnaces and ranges to water heaters and clothes dryers and more – cost significantly less to run than their electric equivalent.
  6. A healthier planet (and healthier kids) – Burning propane creates far fewer emissions than electricity, so your kids will have cleaner air to breathe when they get older; good for them, good for the Earth.
  7. A warmer, more comfortable home – Super-efficient (up to 98 percent) and reliable propane furnaces heat your house more evenly than electric-powered models, and they supply that heat at a higher temperature than electric heat pumps. This means more consistent, comfortable heating – important for the challenges of our winters here in the Northeast.

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