Why an A/C System Leaks Water

Wood floor water leak

Posted: June 2, 2017

Your air conditioning equipment creates cold air by passing warm air over the indoor evaporator (cooling) coil. This causes condensation to form and flow off the coil. During normal operation, a cooling system produces large amounts of water from condensation.

Normally, the water exits through a drainage system. But if the drain line gets clogged, water backs up and spills over the drain pan, and into your house. If not detected right away, you could be faced with costly water damage. In a typical a/c system, about 27 gallons of water goes down the drain every day!

We can stop this from happening. When we do annual service on your a/c system, we’ll clean the coil and flush the condensation line to prevent dirt build-up in your system. A float switch can also be installed. This switch will automatically shut down your system if a drainage problem occurs.

If you haven’t had your a/c system checked and serviced yet this season, please contact us today to request an appointment.