Pennsylvania School Districts Are Turning the Yellow School Bus Green by Switching to Propane Autogas

Posted: March 15, 2017

School bus

Posted: March 15, 2017

Many states in the country—including Pennsylvania—have been moving forward with alternative energy incentive programs in recent years. One result: more school districts are purchasing buses powered by Propane Autogas.

Pennsylvania already has nearly 700 of these “green” buses on the road; that ranks the Keystone State fourth in the U.S. for the most propane-fueled school buses. Only Texas, California and Oregon have more. Today, 12,000 propane-powered school buses in the U.S. transport 600,000 children every school day!* For our part, we deliver Propane Autogas to four school districts in our service area.

School districts have gained enormous fuel savings by using Propane Autogas instead of diesel fuel. Propane costs about 50 percent less than diesel per gallon and reduces maintenance costs due to its clean-operating properties.

Propane-powered school buses also perform better in cold weather than diesel-powered buses. They start up easier, run quieter and heat the interior faster.

In terms of kids benefitting from a healthier ride to and from school, studies have shown that buses fueled by Autogas emit 80 percent less smog-producing hydrocarbons and virtually eliminate particulate matter when compared with diesel. In addition, propane bus fleets reduce nitrogen oxide emissions by about 10,000 pounds and particulate matter by 315 pounds each year compared with the diesel buses they have replaced.

Read more about the overall benefits of Propane Auotgas here. You can get more details about buses fueled by Propane Autogas here.

*Data based on HIS Polk new vehicle registrations database of Type C school buses registered from January 2012 to June 2016; additional information from manufacturers and other public sources.