Duct Tape Is Not for Ducts

Posted: April 5, 2016

Ductwork and duct tape

Posted: April 5, 2016
Posted by: Gerald Kuller, Home Comfort Manager

Conventional duct tape can be used in countless ways to perform a variety of household repairs; however, they are not ideal for sealing ducts in your home.

The Origins

Duct tape originated with U.S. military needs during World War II and was first used to seal ammunition cases to protect them from moisture. The soldiers dubbed it duct tape. When the tape made it home after the war, contractors started using it to connect ductwork in homes.

The Research

In 1993 the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory conducted a 3-month experiment to see if duct tape could actually hold up to typical conditions found in air ducts.

The conclusion? The researchers found that the duct tape would either allow too much air to escape and the heat degrades the glue – causing it to fall right off after a few weeks.

The Solution

If you need to fix a leak, researchers recommend sealing ducts with mastics – gooey sealants that are painted on and harden when dried. There are many other proven options for duct sealing as well, and Wilson Oil and Propane is a certified dealer for AeroSeal, a breakthrough duct sealing technology that can save homeowners an average of $600 to $850 per year on heating and cooling costs.

Click here to learn more about how AeroSeal can save you money. We will be glad to evaluate both your duct work to help you save you money on heat or air conditioning and keep you more comfortable for many years to come!