Common Air Conditioning Problems

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Posted: July 21, 2017

Summer has really heated up and the “dog days” are in full swing. With your a/c system working overtime, it’s a good time to remind you about a few common air conditioning problems that we see.

If you detect the problem early enough and call us in, you may be able to avoid more costly air conditioning repair down the road. (It might also be helpful to try troubleshooting first before you call for service.)

Four Common Problems

  1. Restricted airflow – Hold your hand up to the vent – do you feel a steady flow of air? If you don’t, you’ll most likely need service (try other vents, too – knowing if the problem is in one area or several can help narrow down the cause).
  2. Frequent cycling – If your home cooling system cycles (turns on and off) too often, it can cause your system to wear out prematurely (frequent cycling is often a sign that your system is too large for your home, but the problem could also be mechanical).
  3. A too-warm house – There can be a number of reasons why your air conditioner is constantly running but the house isn’t cooling, and our technician has to do a fair amount of detective work to determine the real cause.
  4. Noticeably higher bills – If you notice your bills creeping up year after year – or even month after month – despite using your cooling system about the same amount, your air conditioning system could be straining to cool the house – and that can eventually lead to a breakdown.

Contact our a/c specialists if you need us to get your home’s cooling system running right again. We’ll also be glad to give you a free estimate on a new system.