Can Cutting the Lawn Affect My Air Conditioning Unit?

Posted: June 14, 2016

Mowing the lawn

Posted: June 14, 2016
Posted by: Larry Grier, Service Manager

Did you know that cutting your lawn can impact the operation of your central air conditioning unit? Grass clippings, dust, pollen, and dirt are often kicked up after mowing a lawn. These can settle on or inside your outdoor air conditioning unit and can compromise its performance. Taking proactive steps can help you keep your unit well-maintained and minimize breakdowns and inefficient operation.

To keep your outdoor unit clean and functioning we recommend that you add the following steps to your lawn maintenance routine:

Step 1:

Keep the blowing grass clippings, dirt and dust that the mower stirs up away from your outdoor unit. Depending on the mower you use and the placement of your unit, this could be challenging. Shutting your unit off while mowing can help to minimize the debris that finds its way to the unit.

Step 2:

Rinse the outdoor unit by spraying with a garden hose for just a minute. Dirt, dust, pollen and grass clippings easily rinse away.

Step 3:

Optimal performance increases the efficiency of your system which can help to prolong the life of your system, lead to energy savings and help prevent breakdowns. We also recommend an annual tune-up to ensure that your unit is clean and properly functioning.

To schedule a tune-up, please give us a call at 888-607-2621. Don’t wait until the hottest days of summer, call now.