A/C Short Cycling Can Indicate a Problem

Posted: August 29, 2016

Central A/C repair

Posted: August 29, 2016
Posted by: Larry Grier, Service Manager

Short cycling, when your central A/C unit cycles on and off in rapid succession can wear down the motor and other A/C components and need to be addresses as quickly as possible. A common cause of short cycling is an air conditioner that is too big for the space that it is cooling. This happens because oversized units cool homes so quickly that the air inside isn’t properly dehumidified. This often leads to rooms feeling damp and clammy and causes greater fluctuations in temperatures, creating areas that feel too hot or too cold.

Other Problem Areas – Trouble Can Start Anywhere

In addition to an oversized A/C unit, below are other problems that can cause your system to short cycling.

Evaporator coil ice build-up: Iced-over coils caused by airflow or refrigerant issues can lead to short cycling. A knowledgeable HVAC technician will be able to determine if this is happening in your system, determine the cause and make the appropriate repairs.

Clogged or dirty air filter: A dirty or clogged air filter impedes airflow through your system, forcing it work harder to cool things down. Working too hard can cause overheating and automatic shut off. When there’s an extreme air clog, short cycling can result. Replacing the filter on a regular basis can help you avoid this issue.

Loss or leak of refrigerant: Low refrigerant can lead to an overheated condenser. Leaks need to be detected and repaired which should always be left to an HVAC professional.

Thermostat problems: Although today’s thermostats enable efficient system operations, these units can be complicated or difficult to set, especially if you are new to using this. A malfunctioning or improperly set thermostat can cause short cycling. Refer to owner’s manual for thermostat troubleshooting tips, or give us a call.

If you notice signs of short cycling with your A/C system, don’t wait. Gives us a call right away or contact us here. Your system will run less efficiently and the repair can get complicated if you ignore this.