A Healthier Home Starts With Indoor Air

Posted: November 20, 2015

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Posted: November 20, 2015
Posted by: Gerald Kuller, Home Comfort Manager

As hard as you try to keep your home clean, dirt, grime, bacteria and allergens are an everyday reality. Taking the necessary steps to create a healthy home is well worth it.

Here are some areas to focus on creating a healthy home environment:

Pay attention to Indoor Air Quality. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, indoor levels of air pollutants may be two to three times higher than outdoor levels. Filters are an important part of a home’s heating and cooling systems that pull in and trap unwanted air particles including dust, pollen, bacteria and viruses while letter cleaner air flow through. Filters should be checked monthly and changed at least every three months.

Light up your world. Research shows that people who spend more time in natural lighting have increased productivity and alertness. Whenever and wherever possible, open the shades, the blinds, the drapes or curtails and let natural light shine in.

Feet first. Allergens, pesticides, car oil and other toxins are often unavoidable and we don’t even realize when we have walked through these. To be on the safe side, shoes should be removed before entering the home to avoid the spread of these items throughout your living area. Carpeting can trap these pollutants in your home so if your home has a lot of carpeting, be especially diligent about removing your shoes. Carpeting may look clean on the surface but can harbor these toxins within the fibers. Consider having separate indoor and outdoor foot covering to guard against tracking in unwanted pollutants.

Wilson offers a variety of equipment to help you create a healthier home. Options include HEPA filters, ultra-violet-light air purifiers, humidifiers, and ventilators to improve your home’s indoor air quality. Contact us today at 888-607-2621 to learn how we can protect your health, home, furnishings and comfort. You can also click here for additional information.