10 Tips for Enjoying a Safe Holiday Season

Posted: December 12, 2016

Safe Holiday

Posted: December 12, 2016

Now is the most festive time of the year, but unfortunately, it’s also a time for increased safety risks and accidents at home. With traditions that include extra cooking, open flames, candles and varied forms of lighting and decorating, the risk of injuries from falls, house fires and serious burns increases dramatically during the month of December.

With that in mind, our team has put together some tips to help keep your family safe.

  1. While candles add a nice touch to your holiday celebrations, flameless candles are a safer alternative while still providing soft lighting and holiday ambiance.
  2. To prevent falls, keep walkways and steps clear of ice and snow. This is always important, but especially if you’re expecting guests.
  3. Inspect holiday lights each year and discard any light sets that have frayed wires, bare spots or excessive kinking. All of these are warning signs that it is time for new light sets.
  4. If you have a real tree in your home, be sure it is always well watered and remove it when it becomes dry.
  5. Make sure that your tree is at least three feet away from indoor heat sources such as fireplaces and radiators.
  6. Confirm that your home has working smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors and fire extinguishers.
  7. When doing your holiday cooking, turn all pot handles toward the back of the stove so they can’t be reached by children.
  8. Roll up long sleeves when cooking.
  9. Keep a pot lid or cookie sheet nearby to cover a pan should it catch fire.
  10. Have a family escape plan should the worst happen.

On behalf of everyone at Wilson Oil and Propane, we wish you a safe and happy holiday season!