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Wishing You And Yours Health And Happiness

Posted: November 16, 2020

The entire team at Wilson Oil and Propane wants to wish all of our valued customers a happy and healthy holiday season. We appreciate your loyalty and confidence in our ability to keep you safe. As we continue to provide the fuel delivery and equipment service you’ve come to trust, remember that all of our employees have been instructed on CDC-recommended safety protocols. Our skilled technicians can service or install your equipment with little or no personal contact. We can often give you a quote on replacement equipment without even going into your home. So rest assured that we will […]

Ready To Keep You Warm And Safe

Posted: November 9, 2020

As we continue to deal with the unprecedented challenges of the COVID-19 outbreak, our crews and support staff are working hard day and night to get you the deliveries you need, address any concerns you have over the phone and do our best to keep your home comfort equipment in good condition. Going out of our way for our neighbors and friends has been part of our DNA since our founding in 1926. While the range of our products and services has grown considerably since then, one thing that hasn’t changed is our commitment to serving the people that matter […]

Propane: Clean, Safe, Efficient and Versatile

Propane: Clean, Safe, Efficient And Versatile

Posted: November 2, 2020

Clean-burning, safe, efficient and versatile propane gas opens up a world of opportunities for living better at home. Here are examples. Water heaters. A propane water heater typically costs 30% less to operate than electric models—up to 60% less if you use a tankless propane water heater. You’ll get more hot water and you’ll get it faster—which means long, hot showers and baths. Furnaces. Propane burns hot and clean—two of the main reasons that propane furnaces can heat any home while achieving efficiencies of 90% and higher. Whole-house generators. With a propane-powered whole-house backup generator, you’ll never lose power—and you’ll […]

Common Heating Problems—and How to Solve Them

Common Heating Problem: How To Solve Them

Posted: October 19, 2020

While there are many types of situations that can cause your heating system to operate poorly—or not work at all—there are some problems that occur a lot. Fortunately, these are easy and inexpensive to fix—or to avoid altogether. Problems With Power If your heat stops working and you’ve confirmed that there isn’t a power outage in your neighborhood, your next step should be to check for a tripped circuit breaker or see if the power switches to your boiler or furnace have been accidentally turned off. If you find that power switches for your heating system have been turned off […]

Why Does My Home Feel So Dry In The Winter?

Why Does My Home Feel So Dry In The Winter?

Posted: October 12, 2020

When the cold weather arrives and your heating system starts pushing out a lot of hot air, it will sap most of the moisture out of your home’s indoor air. When your home becomes too dry, you’ll start experiencing a variety of problems. These can range from dry, irritated skin and increased allergic responses. Dry indoor air, if left unchecked, can also result in physical damage to your home furniture, and other belongings. The good news is you can resolve the problem of dry indoor air with a simple solution that ensures healthy moisture levels throughout your home: install a […]

What Is The Best Thermostat Setting for Winter?

What Is The Best Thermostat Setting For Winter?

Posted: October 5, 2020

It could be a tempting idea during the winter to take the strain off your furnace or boiler by dropping temperatures quite a bit at night to save money on heat. Or you may think about turning off your heating system when you’re away from home or if you own a vacation home that sits empty in the winter. But the truth is, these are not good ideas. We wouldn’t ever recommend having the temperatures in your home fall much below 60°F – a temperature that can strike a good balance between conserving energy and preventing costly problems. To achieve […]