Do You Need Air Conditioning Maintenance?

Posted: March 20, 2023

Air Conditioning Preventative Maintenance Makes a Difference!

While early spring normally is too chilly to begin doing cooling tune-ups for our customers, there’s nothing wrong with booking your preventive maintenance service in advance so you can beat the warm weather rush.

While the minimum outdoor temperature varies between models, it usually needs to be in the 60°F range before we start going out to do tune-ups. That’s because parts of your air conditioning system—including the refrigerant—are not designed to work below a certain temperature.

How Important Is Annual A/C Maintenance?

After a long hibernation over the fall and winter, your cooling system needs some attention so it can keep you cool all summer long without problems. That’s just one reason why maintenance is important. Manufacturers require annual maintenance to keep your warranty valid. It’s that crucial!

A properly maintained central air conditioning system will have fewer breakdowns than one that has been neglected. Annual maintenance also keeps your air conditioning equipment running at peak efficiency, which means your home stays nice and cool while using less energy.

Regular maintenance can address your air conditioner’s minor aches and pains before they become full-blown injuries – emergencies that usually crop up during the peak demand summer months, when you need your A/C the most (and when you may have to wait longer for service).

Other Ways to Get Your A/C System Ready

Although a comprehensive central air conditioning tune-up is not a do-it-yourself project, there are some things you can do to get the ball rolling while waiting for your tune-up service.

  • Clear away obstructions. Remove sticks, leaves, and other debris from around your outdoor unit.
  • Have your ductwork checked. Schedule a FREE duct leakage inspection with us. If we find problems, we’ll recommend our duct sealing service. This will improve your indoor air quality and lower your home energy bills.
  • Test your system. Briefly run your cooling system to check for problems. That way, you can give us an early alert about what to look for when we do our maintenance service.

If you switch on your cooling system and it does not run, do this:

  • Check your thermostat. Make sure it is on the “cool” or “auto” setting. Also, is the temperature set about 5 degrees lower than room temperature? If you have a digital thermostat and the display screen is blank, you either need new batteries or the power supply has been interrupted.
  • Check all power switches/sources for air conditioner. A circuit may have tripped when the cooling system started up. Also check the disconnect switch in the box next to the outdoor condenser.

If the cooling system runs but there’s no cool air, do this:

  • Shut off all power switches and check the condition of the air filter in your air handler (the part of the A/C system that’s inside your home). The filter may be clogged. Change/clean the air filter if it’s dirty.
  • Make sure your supply and return air grilles are open and unobstructed.

If you can’t find what’s wrong after taking these steps, call us so we can come out and diagnose the problem.

Expert A/C Maintenance and A/C Repairs

Bottom line: a properly maintained air conditioning system will have fewer breakdowns than one that has been neglected. That’s why we offer all the same NATE-certified expertise and money-saving services that we provide for heating equipment. Please reach out to us now to schedule A/C maintenance.

If you need an air conditioning repair, we’ll get your system up and running again as quickly as possible. With advanced training in the latest cooling systems, the Wilson Oil and Propane team is ready to handle any cooling system repair for all brands, from simple to complex. We’ll fix your system quickly, arriving at your home with a truck full of tools and a full array of replacement parts to complete the job right the first time.