Don’t Skip Your Annual Tune-Up

Posted: June 2, 2020

Scheduling your annual heating and cooling tune-ups early gives you plenty of options for an appointment. Plus, we’ll have enough time to address any issues with your system before the weather gets too hot or too cold.

Even if your equipment is new or running just fine, you don’t want to skip your tune-up. For starters, every manufacturer requires annual maintenance to keep your warranty valid. It’s that important!

A tune-up prevents most of the problems that can lead to expensive repairs. Regular maintenance also ensures that your system runs at peak efficiency. That means it will keep your home more comfortable while using less energy — and that translates to savings on your annual heating and cooling expenses.

Please call or contact us through our website soon to request a tune-up. If you’re covered by our heating and cooling service plans, your tune-ups are already paid for! And don’t worry about getting your tune-up early — it won’t wear off.