Ask the Expert

Posted: January 18, 2019

Q: What’s that whistling sound when you fill the tank in my basement?

Matt McGrouty

A: What you’re hearing is your vent alarm — essential to filling your tank safely. Along with your tank, your heating oil storage system includes a fill pipe and a vent pipe. As oil flows from the truck to the fill pipe, and starts filling your tank, air is pushed out. That air goes through the vent alarm — located between your tank and the vent pipe — making a whistling sound. When the whistling stops, we know the tank is just about full.

Q: Why do you need an alarm to know the tank is full?

A: Since the driver can’t see inside the tank as he fills it, the vent alarm is important to help prevent spills. In fact, we are prohibited from delivering if the vent alarm isn’t working. Have more questions about your oil tank or storage system? Give us a call.