Recovering from Flood Damage in the Delaware Valley

Home flood

Posted: August 15, 2018

Heavy rains brought severe flooding and plenty of water damage to our area as well as elsewhere. For homeowners relying on Wilson to supply you with propane to heat your home or water, cook your food, or fuel other equipment, we recommend the following preparation and recovery steps tips to help protect your family and property.


  • If you receive warnings about possible flash flooding in your area, shut off your propane supply and secure your propane tank to a tree or solid post using a chain or a rope. Because propane is lighter than water, an unsecured tank could float away. Remember that propane tanks should NEVER be stored indoors.


  • After flooding has ended, look for visible structural damage. If you smell gas upon returning to your property, be sure to extinguish all smoking materials and open flames. Exit the building immediately. Do not operate electrical switches, appliances, telephones, or cell phones because these can cause a spark that can ignite an explosion.
  • If indoor or outdoor propane equipment has been flooded, do not relight pilot lights for equipment. Instead shut off the service valve at the propane tank. Propane-powered household appliances that have been underwater should be inspected by our technicians before being put back into service.
  • Damage to propane regulators and controls is a significant problem resulting from flooding. We recommend a complete inspection of the entire system after heavy rains because water damage to propane equipment and appliances is not always readily apparent.

Read more about propane safety and please reach out to us if you have any concerns.