Ask the Expert

Ed Johnson Sr.

Posted: May 9, 2018

Ed Johnson Sr.

Q: Should I get my A/C system tuned up every year?

A: Yes! The longer you go without getting your A/C tune-up service done, the less efficient your system will become and the greater the chance that it will break down on a really hot day.

That’s one reason every equipment manufacturer requires regular maintenance to keep warranties valid. It’s that important! Keep in mind that

  • regular tune-ups prevent problems that can lead to expensive repairs.
  • a tune-up keeps your cooling system operating at peak efficiency, saving you money on electric costs.
  • a tune-up is not expensive, and it will eliminate hassles.

I recommend enrolling in our cooling system service plan — which includes a yearly tune-up. You’ll also get priority service and guaranteed discounts on all covered repairs.