Driving Forward with Propane Autogas

Posted: October 15, 2018

Betsy and David O’Connell

Dear Friends,

Most people don’t realize that propane is the third most popular vehicle fuel in the United States, after gasoline and diesel. Today, there are hundreds of thousands of propane-autogaspowered vehicles on the road in our country. And that number keeps growing.

At Wilson Oil and Propane, we take pride in being a progressive company that embraces advanced technology while also being sensitive to the environment. With that in mind, we invested in a new Freightliner S2G fuel truck. This is an oil delivery truck that runs on propane autogas — the first of its kind in our service area. We’re really impressed by its power, performance and, of course, its fuel efficiency.

The new truck represents our movement toward powering our delivery fleet with autogas. We’ve already made big inroads with our service fleet.

We’re sharing the wealth too. We not only help businesses reduce emissions substantially and save a lot of money while going green, we also help them convert their fleets to autogas. For instance, many school districts in our area have already converted their buses. We have set up fueling stations for them and also deliver autogas.

If you think you could benefit from autogas, speak with the experts at Wilson. We’ll be glad to show you the way. You can also find more information by going to our propane page.

David and Betsy O’Connell