Ask the Expert

Posted: January 30, 2017

Jeff Adamek

Q: Why is it that some of my rooms never get as warm or cool as the rest of my house?

A: You may have leaky ducts. When your ducts aren’t properly sealed, as much as 40% of the heated or cooled air can escape.

We can fix this. We now use Aeroseal, a breakthrough technology that repairs leaky ductwork from the inside, using high pressure to send a nontoxic aerosol sealant throughout your duct system. It’s effective and long lasting, and we don’t need to open up any walls or create other disruptions to get it done.

You’ll get more consistent temperatures throughout your home, and lower heating and cooling bills, too. You’ll also notice improved air quality, with less dust and fewer allergens.

Contact us today for more information. Right now, we are offering a FREE duct leakage inspection AND $200 off our Aeroseal service.